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Re: (TFT) Clerics & Miracles Part II

In a message dated 99-08-25 04:30:28 EDT, you write:

<<   Gosh.  You know . . .  that material looks familiar.
    /Really/ familiar.
    Wait!  It can't be!
    No!  It's Dungeons & Dragons!!!  Head for the steppe!  Noooooooooo . . .
 ::runs screaming into the night, trailing loose DMG pages::  8^)

Actually, I really like it. Heck, half of what I run is converted D&D stuff 
anyway. When I had originally stated that my wife had wanted to play a cleric 
type character, I was really thinking along John Paul's lines. Don't get me 
wrong. Obviously, Rick's are more original. But my wife was thinking more on 
the D&D lines, so she was really thinking a religious healer type.
I thank both Rick and John Paul for there contribution. 
John Paul, I would very much like to see more when you get the chance. Keep 
those miracles coming.
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