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(TFT) Re: TFT: Spell Immunity Article

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>>Dave Seagraves

More Magic Items in TFT.
        Copywrite (1999) by Rick Smith<

Thank you! Once again this is a wonderful and immediately usable article!

Along these same lines I was wondering if you had a generic formula for
converting 'spells' into magic items? Have you ever created a generic
system for creating magic items based on spells? For example, someone wants
to put an IQ 11 spell into a sword...how much should it cost, etc?

I've always thought the TFT magic system was the least elegant thing about
the game and I'm betting you've rethought it yourself long before I have

Also, out of curiosity - are you still making deals on "Alchemists &
Chemists in TFT"? (which I still use!)


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