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(TFT) Re: floor-based games

>From Brett Slocum
> From: Nils K Hammer <nh0g+@andrew.cmu.edu>
> > That bit about battle games on the floor; I played Lou Zochhi's
> > "alien space" in the '70s, and we had a guy Mike Yale who could
> > call a shot azimuth and range almost perfectly everytime. 
> I loved this game and a follow-on in the same mold that was Star Trek-based.
> I remember many hours of pulling those strings out from the ship cards to 
> get attack angles. Nice easy game design.

This would be the Star Fleet Battle manual.  I have loads of fond memories
of this.  I spent tons of time playing this in my teens.  I was thrilled
when I found a mint copy for sale cheap via the Internet.  Rather than
actually pull the book apart to play the game, I ended up scanning the
whole thing into the computer.

I put the text through my OCR software so that I now have Word and PDF
versions of the rules, record sheets for the ships, and about half the
ships themselves ready to be printed out when needed.  I've played the
game a few times with my son, but the math was a bit much for him.  He
loved the game, though!

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