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(TFT) Greff's Journal, very late 9th night

	I woke up just a few minutes ago hearing the sheep 

	I grabbed my weapons and jumped to my feet, and fell
right down again!  Damn my sprained ankle hurt!  A little more
carefully, I got up.  The peasants were yelling and running for 
like a knight was after them.  They were heading for the gate but
Im' was there and beat them away from it. I think he was using 
the flat of the blade.

	Then around the corner of the tent, that damn ghost
came.  It looked like a smear of mist, and it moaned!  The very 
sound of it made my hair stand on end!

	Ben, Galendaar and that druid went to deal with the
druid's little friend.  Instead of driving it off, the druid gave
it all of his energy, 'till he collapsed.  You could see it getting
stronger and more solid every second that that druid 'fought'

	Galendaar got spooked and panicked, but we jumped
on him before ran out of the palisade.  Then Ben seemed to
step towards it, and it vanished.  Our leader is a hell of a lot
better a cleric than that druid.  I'm going to point that out to
the Decathon' when he gets back from scouting.

	Anyway the ghost put a curse on Ben as it left 
making him bite his tounge.  He was white and shaking spitting
huge gobs of blood and looking, well, haunted.  Its a good 
thing he is a centaur, if a human lost that much blood he 
would be in real trouble.

	I'm really tired, but too wound up with the ghost
to go to sleep right now.

	I have not seen that druid's little demon since before
the ghost.  Hope it dies.

	With his hurt tounge, Ben is not saying much.  Im'
has been running around giving orders and getting the peasants
rounded up.  It bugs me a little that he took charge, 'cause I am
considerably senior to him, but I was so nervous after the
ghost left, I did not think to get people moving.   So good
for him.  Maybe he will become a leader someday.  He acts 
like he has noble blood in him, but if he does I don't know 
who he is.

	The sky is really clear and there are lots of stars out.
I can see a couple of dark smudges where no stars are where 
the Decathon' has burnt the enemy encampments.  The ridge
to the north - east seems a bit taller, has he torched another 
encampment?  I'll see in a couple hours I guess.

	Its gotten really cold.  I'm going to put another log
on the fire and get properly under my blanket.  Hopefully I'll
get another hours sleep before morning.  Sure hope the ghost
does not come back.

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