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(TFT) The Real Spearman, Michael

Michael this is where you came up with your question.  I added SPEARMAN

IQ 9

QUICKDRAW SWORD (1).  The ability to quick draw a sword, as in the Iaijutsu
of Japan.  This ability allows a sword to be readied in the same turn it
will be used to attack or defend.  To do this, the character must roll his
adjDX.  If the roll is made, the sword is readied.  If the roll was not
made, treat as a normal ready weapon option.  All fumbles equal dropped
weapon.   If using the quick draw, the character may only use combat options
1a, 1b, & 1d.  Prerequisite:  adjDX 12 and sword.

IQ 10

SWORDMASTER (3).  Ability to use any sword (any weapon under that title) as
if part of one's self.  This talent gives the character the ability to do +1
DX / +1 damage with a sword of their ST rating or below.  Furthermore, a
character can use a sword , one ST rating above their ST without the DX
minus and two ST ratings above their ST without the damage minus.  This
talent also includes the ability to quick draw the weapon (as above).  If
the character already has the talent QUICKDRAW SWORD, this talent costs two
Prerequisites: SWORD and adjDX 12.

We also came up with POLE WEAPON MASTER, which allowed the character to trip
and enemy with his/her weapon.  The concept came from an SCA event speaker,
who spoke about the use of the spear (naginata???) in Japan.

POLE WEAPON MASTER (3).  As the SWORDMASTER above, without the quickdraw
ability.  This talent gives the user the ability to trip up an opponent and
the ability to throw javelins, spears more accurately, and the chance of a
second strike at an opponent.   In combat, the user of this talent can
declare they are tripping an opponent.  If your adjDX is rolled to hit, the
opponent must make a 4D6 roll vs. adjDX or fall.  The opponent receives +1
to this DX roll for every 3ST  (rded. down) more than he has that the
tripper (EX: Tripper ST10 Opponent ST15 so they would receive a bonus of +2
to their adjDX).  This also works the opposite way as well if the tripper is
stronger than the opponent (EX: Tripper ST 15 Opponent ST 10 = a -2 to their

When throwing a pole weapon (that can be thrown) with this talent, the
character is only -1 DX for every other hex to hit an opponent, rather than
the typical -1DX per hex.

This talent also gives the weapon user the advantage of a second strike with
the weapon.  This second strike is at -4DX and does HTH damage +1.  This
simulates the ability of the polearm user (pike/lance excepted) to bring the
weapon around and strike with the haft.

That's it Michael!!! Has anyone created more "realistic" rules for the use
of the halberd.
Tough weapon in a charge in TFT but this was not the weapons principal
tactic.  A halberd generally has three parts: the axe, spear, and bill.  The
general use was the bill or hook was used to drag horseman off their mounts,
the axe was used to cut at the reins or mount, and the spear was used to
stab at infantry or downed horsemen.

Yours in Cidri,

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