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One of the problems I always ran into was a lack of opponents for TFT and MicroQuest games. Recently, I've gotten back into the thick of gaming with TFT thanks to Walt O'Hara's original Melee gamebox for the CyberBoard PBEM utility written by Dale Larson.

One thing's led to another, and I ended up modifying Walt's original gamebox, and lately I've been creating gameboxes for various MicroQuests so that I can play them by email as well. I'm glad I have, since I've had the best RPG experience I've ever had being run through Guy McLimore's GrailQuest (MicroQuest #3).

I'm thrilled to be able to play these games again through email. In that spirit, I'm making the games available to others as well.

Melee Melee and Wizard are the 2 basic components of The Fantasy Trip and are required to play the MicroQuests. This is not true of the MicroQuest gameboxes available here, though. Each of the MicroQuest gamebox files includes some or all of the components from the Melee/Wizard gamebox, along with any MicroQuest-specific counters and maps, if any. Wizard
The Death Tests are basic slash-n-grab adventures. There's no plot and no objective other than to get out alive with all the booty you can carry.  This is a good way to get accustomed to the game and to build up characters' statistics.  These games introduced the Thorsz, who re-appears in OrbQuest (MQ #8). Death Test 2
GrailQuest GrailQuest is set in the days of King Arthur's court. As a Knight of the Round Table, you have been charged with the Quest to find the Holy Grail. A wonderful game!  This is regarded by many as the best of the MicroQuests.  I'm thrilled that its author, Guy McLimore, is a list subscriber, and has gone on to continue making some wonderful games.  Click here for a screen shot from one of the battles in my GrailQuest game!

Treasure of the Silver Dragon was the first MicroQuest to have a built-in treasure hunt with a $10,000 prize.  (Don't bother looking for it - Thomas Davidson found the Dragon 6 weeks after the game was originally released!)  This game is based on a Toltec mythology, and is an enjoyable solitaire run-through.

Security Station Jaz N'orn was Cidri's most renowned collector of the weird and bizarre. When he found a functioning remnant of another world destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, he brought it back for his collection. Now, centuries later, Jaz N'orn is forgotten, but his discovery still functions, and you've just stumbled upon it.  Explore the bunker in Security Station.  You may even come out alive!

Treasure of Unicorn Gold is the second MicroQuest to offer a $10,000 treasure hunt.  No one knows whether this prize was ever claimed!  Unicorn Gold continues the Toltec theme of Silver Dragon.

Master of the Amulets Venture into the wizard Dirringer's Lost Valley, where powerful Amulets (and a few not so powerful) lay scattered across the countryside. the brave may seek, the clever find, and the lucky escape.  This game seems to lend itself to repeated solitaire play better than other MQ's due to the random nature of the Amulet distribution.

Run through a round of MotA by downloading this .GAM file and replay the moves!

In OrbQuest, you've been hired for a secret quest at the behest of the Thorsz, and whisked magically away to a huge, forbidding tower. You reflect that life is hard and short, as the gods will. It's small comfort that Thorsz at least pays well, for survivors. The cowards never make it.


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