11) If the ST roll in the previous room was made on the first try, the occupants of the room are surprised. If the roll is not made the occupants are ready to stop the intruders as they enter the room. On opening the door, the characters enter from the southeast corner of the south wall of a two megahex (MH) deep by 3 megahex long room. At the far end of the room are four hobgoblins.

HOBGOBLINS ST 9 DX 10 IQ 7 adjDX 9 MA 10 cloth armor/small shield (3 hits stopped/3h.s.) and each carries a hatchet (1d)

Each goblin carries $1-6.

When the hobgoblins are defeated, the party will see a door on the northern part of the eastern wall and in the center of the west wall is a 3 foot round wooden tunnel one hex deep with a door at the end. If the wooden crawlway is entered and the party goes through the hatch, go to 12. (They will hear nothing beyond the hatch/door). If the eastern door is entered, go to 14. (3dST and remember door rules). If the door is listened to again voices and movement can be heard.

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