12) Once the party member opens the door/hatch, they will notice that they are coming out the top of a large barrel that is laying on its side. There are other barrels stacked together on top and beside the barrel the party is coming through. The point man will notice the room is 4MH by 4MH, it is lit by a lantern and in the center of the northern wall is a ladder. From the looks of it, you seem to be in a storage cellar with barrels/ boxes placed about the room. Have the person who opened the barrel make a 3dIQ roll. If the roll is not made place that person outside of the opening of the barrel and then the watch dogs attack. If the IQ roll is made, the point person can either enter the cellar or close the barrel head/door as they have seen the dogs.

DOGS (3)

ST 8 DX 13 IQ 6 MA 12 Hits stopped 1 and bite does 1d.

If the dogs are defeated, the characters have the choice of going back to 11 or going up the ladder to 13.

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