14) As the characters enter the room, it seems as if they have entered a barracks as there are 8 hobgoblins waiting for the party with readied weapons (They are at least a MH away from the door). The characters enter through a door in the center of the west wall. The room itself is three MH wide by five MH long. In the far end of the north wall there is a passageway (2 hexes wide) and there is a blanket covering a doorway (no door) at the far end of the south side of the room.

HOBGOBLINS (4) ST 10 DX 10 IQ 7 MA 10 adjDX 10 Each of these carries a two-handed club and does 1d.

HOBGOBLINS (4) ST 9 DX 11 IQ 7 MA 10 adjDX 9 Each carries a hatchet (1d) and wears cloth armor and a small shield (3h.s.)

All the hobgoblins carry $1-6.

After three turns of combat from the southern doorway (from behind the blanket) come two goblins.

ST 14 DX 14 IQ 10 MA 10 adjDX
T/S: sword, fencing, warrior, first aid, & swimming
EQ: +1 damage (magic) 2-handed sword (3d) and wears cloth armor (2h.s.)

GOBLIN 2: Garg ST 12 DX 14 IQ 10 MA10 (6) adjDX 11/13 w/missile weapon
T/S: Cross-bow, missile weapons, sword, shield, swimming, speaks human tongue.
EQ: +1 magic chainmail (4h.s.), small shield (1h.s.), broadsword (2d),
light X-bow w/12 quarrels (2d).

Gag's tactic when entering the room is to wade into the fray but protecting Garg as much as he can. Garg's tactic is to stay away from physical contact with the enemy as long as he can shooting his cross-bow at the enemy. Each of these goblins carries $30. Make a 3dIQ roll, if the roll is made by someone in the party they find a key on the goblin with the cross-bow. If this roll is not made the key will never be found.

After the battle is over, the party can go back to 11, go through the southern blanket covered doorway, or go to the northern passage way.

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