16) As the party enters the room, the occupants are waiting at the far end. They are two goblin wizards and a fighter. The room is enter from the center of the south wall of a 3MH (north/south walls) by 4MH (east/west walls).

ST 9 DX 12 IQ 16 MA 10 adjDX 11
T/S: staff of power, lightning, illusion, 7-hex fire, write scroll, drop weapon, create lesser magic item, literacy, alchemist, control animal, summon myrmidon, freeze, detect magic, teleport, ward, & explosive gem.
EQ: staff of power, +2 mgk. cloth armor (3h.s.), summon myrmidon gem, explosive gem (2d), 5-ST battery & silver dagger.

ST 11 DX 10 IQ 9 MA 10
T/S: literacy, aid, human tongue, blur, mgk. fist, image, drop weapon, staff, & detect magic.
EQ: staff

The fighter is a summoned Myrmidon.

The room contains a wizards kit, the bedding for the two wizard's, and a table and chairs. On the table are 3 vials of healing potion and one berserker potion (remember the party won't know this). Go back to 15.

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