17) The passage way travels another 12 hexes and comes to a door. The door opens into a 2x2MH room. The room contains a goblin and a strong looking orc.

ST 12 DX 17 IQ 11 MA 10 adjDX
T/S: sword, two weapons, fencing, human tongue, tactics, & physicker.
EQ: stone-flesh ring (4h.s.), +1 damage fine rapier (1+1) and +1 damage magic main gauche. He carries $50.

ST 18 DX 10 IQ 7 MA 10 adjDX 9 T/S: Don't worry about it this is Lenny from Of Mice and Men
EQ: Two handed maul (2d)

In the room there is bedding for each man a small table with a map of this area of the city. On this table is a small leather pouch that contains five $50 gems. In one corner of the room is a foot and a half wide board that is 12 feet long. On the northwest side of the north wall is a heavy wooden door with three padlocks (4dDX to pick each). If the party makes a 5dIQ roll, they find the keys under a floor stone. If the keys are not found, the party needs to either pick the locks or break them (ST30). Once the party gets through the locks the door is still stuck. Have them make a 4dIQ roll to see what is causing it. If they make the roll, the door opens and they can see inside the next room. If they don't make the roll, they will have to knock the door down (3dST) and remember the fall through door rules from TFT:ITL.

If you go through the door, go to 18.

Otherwise go to 15.

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