18) If the door to this room (2MH long going west) the first MH is an open pit trap (no chance to discover from room 17). If the characters burst through the door there is a chance they will fall into a three meter pit trap for 1d of damage. On the far side of the trap (the other megahex) is the goblins treasure.

trapped chest (4dIQ to discover) grenade (4dDX to remove)
The chest contains $2500 in coin and a small velveteen sack that holds five $40 gems, a ring worth $100, a bracelet worth $200, and a anklet worth $200.


Oh! you are wondering about the kidnapped girl. Well, in my campaign she had been already taken by the wizard. That's where the ring, bracelet, & anklet came from. Inside the box is evidence in the form of a letter discussing the plan and the payoff. This may help the characters get off in town (maybe). The girl's father offered a reward to the characters to follow the leads.

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