The chest contains $2500 in coin and a small velveteen sack that holds five $40 gems, a ring worth $100, a bracelet worth $200, and a anklet worth $200

five $50 gems

a foot and a half wide board that is 12 feet long

stone-flesh ring (4h.s.), +1 damage fine rapier (1+1) and +1 damage magic main gauche. He carries $50

Two handed maul (2d)

+2 mgk. cloth armor (3h.s.), summon myrmidon gem, explosive gem (2d), 5-ST battery & silver dagger


a wizards kit

3 vials of healing potion and one berserker potion

HOBGOBLINS (4) ST 10 DX 10 IQ 7 MA 10 adjDX 10 Each of these carries a two-handed club and does 1d.

HOBGOBLINS (4) ST 9 DX 11 IQ 7 MA 10 adjDX 9 Each carries a hatchet (1d) and wears cloth armor and a small shield (3h.s.) All the hobgoblins carry $1-6.

+1 damage (magic) 2-handed sword (3d) and wears cloth armor

+1 magic chainmail (4h.s.), small shield (1h.s.), broadsword (2d), light X-bow w/12 quarrels (2d)

$350. In the small pouch are 4 gems worth $10, $100, $50 and a $40 gem. If detect magic is used the $40 dollar gem is magic: Summon Myrmidon gem

HOBGOBLINS (4) ST 9 DX 10 IQ 7 adjDX 9 MA 10 cloth armor/small shield (3 hits stopped/3h.s.) and each carries a hatchet (1d) Each goblin carries $1-6.

a short sword and $3

Jays notes 4049 dollars in cash plus equipment and magic items.

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