Creatures From MAR Barker's Empire Of The Petal Throne Adapted For TFT
By Justin Grabowski unless otherwise noted (from Cas Liber's site)
ST:11 MA:10
DX:6 +10 Armour:2 point hide
Once a proud interstellar race, Ahoggya are knobbly, brownish, bristly, barrel-like creatures of 4-5 feet in height.
They use man-type weapons. Any attack against an Ahoggya is -2 DX to hit, because of a horny protective ring around its head that blows glance off of.
Due to the extra eyes that encircle its body, the Ahoggya automatically has eyes-behind (as the spell) at no ST or IQ cost. If the Ahoggya uses the spell or a magic item of eyes-behind, all hexes around it are considered front hexes.
Because of the Ahoggya's four arms, the two weapons talent is considered IQ 8 and costs only 2 IQ points. Ahoggya receive a -1 reaction roll because of an offensive smell that surrounds them.
I always think of the Ahoggya as an organic barrel with four arms, four legs, eyes that surround it, smells like a commode, and had the libido of a Ferengi.
ST:8 MA:10/24
DX:8 +8 Armour:1 pt fur

Flying, intelligent, skittish creatures with leathery wings and grey fur. They have two legs and two arms and a tail fitted with a poisoned rapier-like tail.
Their fur stops one hit and they will not wear armor heavier than 13 kg., as this would interfere with their flying. The Hlaka can either attack with its favoured weapons (sword,
javelin, or crossbow) or with its poisoned tail in a round or both at -4 DX. The tail has the ability to attack adjacent victims or jab like a spear from two hexes away. The tail does 1+1 damage and if this penetrates a victim's armour they will receive another die of poison damage from this hit. Because of the Hlaka's skittishness, their tactics are to fight from a distance and height rather than be adjacent to an attacker. If damage passes the Hlaka's armour there is a 1/3 chance it will try to flee the battle. Needless to say, this last rule does not apply to Hlaka PC's.

ST:12 MA:12
DX:10 +6 Armour:4 pt chitin

Insectoid or scorpion-like in appearance, Hlyss have four legs with two smaller forearms and a prehensile tail with a stinger. They have a chitinous hide and a row of razor-sharp mandibles. Their hide stops 4 hits and they will use no armour beyond
a shield. They fight with human-type weapons, receive a +1 damage in HTH combat, and have a paralyzing tail stinger. The Hluss can attack with both their weapon and stinger in the same turn at -4 DX. The stinger does 1+1 damage and if the damage penetrates the armor of a victim, the victim must make a 3D vs. ST or be paralyzed by the stinger for 24 hours minus ST, always to be at least an hour. Hluss are two-hex creatures and can bite an enemy for 1+1 damage but they prefer to attack with their hand-held weapon and rarely bite. Hluss will attack men and non-humans with men on sight if the opportunity presents itself.

Hlutrgu (nicknamed Swamp Frogs)
ST:6 MA:10
DX:10 +6 Armour:1 pt hide
Rubbery, small (approx. 1.3m high) four-legged creatures with skull-like heads and wide mouths filled with fangs.� This swamp species hates humans and non-humans indiscriminately and will attack without a reaction roll. They have a MA of 10 without armour, which they can wear up to leather
Their MA or DX is not affected by swampy ground; whereas for others it would act as broken ground.� Hlutrgu have natural swimming talent.
Its fangs and general worminess help it do +2 damage in HTH combat.� Hlutrgu are very adept at thrown weapons and receive a� +2 DX.� They receive a further +1 DX when throwing their favoured weapons, javelins or darts.� Being particularly nasty, they always have poison coating their weapons (1-4 one die poison and 5-6 a weapon poison).�Treat two weapons talent as IQ 8, because they use all their limbs in combat.�They are very nasty foes that have a reputation for torture of captives.
Pachi Lei
ST:8 Armour:0
DX:10 +6 MA:10

Pear-shaped, doughy-looking jungle beings with four arms, four legs and two large platter-like eyes. The extra limbs come in handy in balancing in the trees of their forest homes. They are relatively friendly to man, who receives a +1 bonus to a reaction roll, unless the man is from Mu'ugalavya, who receives a -1 reaction roll.
They fight with man-type weapons and can wear armour of their own making. Because of their limbs, surroundings, and an almost sixth sense they receive Climbing and Alertness talents for free. Their four limbs allows them to buy the Two Weapons talent as if it were IQ 8. Their platter-shaped eyes allow them to have nocturnal vision. This allows the Pachi Lei at night to see in the dark as if it were dusk. It also allows it
to see in a dark labyrinth up to two megahexes away without light.

Pe Choi
ST:8 Armour:2 point chitin
DX:8 +10 MA:10

Two metre tall, stick-like, dragon-faced creatures with black chitin. They have six limbs, four stick-like arms and two legs. They almost resemble a seahorse with legs. These are very friendly toward humans, who receive a +1 reaction roll with them when encountered (either way).
They can wear armor of their own manufacture. They use man-type weapons fitted for their hands and because of the Pe Choi's sight (good hand and eye coordination) they do an extra +1 damage with these weapons. Pe Choi have a natural talent of alertness and acute hearing at no IQ cost. The Pe Choi has a natural ability of limited mage sight at no cost in ST, however this is limited to a 2 hex radius.
Pe Choi have a racial telepathy that allows them to know when one of their
species is slain. They become enemies of the slayer thereafter.

ST:10 Armour:2 point hide
DX:10 +8 MA:8

Mutants from human stock that were created by the Priests of Ksasul. They are roughly humanoid except for their slender reptilian neck and flat diamond-shaped head.
Their extra points may not be added to IQ, which always stays at seven. They generally wear leather armor and carry shields. Thus, they can stop from 5 to 7 hits, according to the shield they use.
They carry man-type weapons, which ALWAYS have weapon poison on them. They can also bite for 1+1 damage. Both types of attacks can be used the same turn at -4DX for each attack.
They flee from daylight and revel in total darkness (natural dark vision). In total darkness (no torch/lantern light), they fight at +2 DX. They will only attack a party if they outnumber it, are cornered, or forced to fight.
ST:12 MA:10
DX:8 +8 Armour:2 point scales

Six to eight feet tall, two arms and two legs, gleaming black scales, long beak-like snouts, a crest of slender spines, a powerful tail with a horny mace-like ball and a general dragonlike appearance makes the Shen appear to be a demonic human warrior.
Shen use man-type weapons. Their favoured being a sword, a halberd, or any type of bow. The Shen can either attack with its weapon or with its tail to the rear or both at -4 DX. The tail can be swung at one target in any of its three rear hexes and does 1+1
damage. The Shen can also lash with its tail much like a dragon (TFT:ITL p53). In HTH combat, the Shen does +2 damage because of its beak and claws. The Shen is not very friendly to humans, so humans receive a -1 reaction roll when dealing with them.

ST:18-22 MA:6 /12
DX:12 Armour:4 hits
Cape-like, black, flying creatures that cling to ceilings and drop down on the unwary. They then suffocate their victim in their powerfully muscled folds. They are used as treasure guardians. They Biridlu will fight until killed.
Their main combat tactic is to ambush by dropping down upon a victim in order to envelop the victim in its muscled wings. In order to avoid this attack, the victim must make a 4d6 v. DX roll (3d6 if victim has alertness). If this roll is made, the victim moves out of the way into another hex. If the roll is not made, the victim rolls as if they had just entered HtH combat. On an HtH roll of 1-4, the victim is considered entrapped in the folds of the monsters cape, with or without a knife. Once inside the cape, the victim is at -4 DX (NO +4DX for HtH) and once inside the cape the only way out is to cut or be cut out of the folds. In order to do this, the Biridlu must take five ST damage after the victim has been ensnared (some
record keeping has to done here).
Inside the cape, the victim will take one die damage on the first turn (Biridlu's DX for when it happens and no DX roll is necessary to do this damage), two dice of damage on the second turn within, and three dice of damage for any remaining turns within, until dead.

Outside of this ambush attack, the Biridlu has two different types of attacks. It can claw its victim for 1+2 or it can try to go into HtH and envelop (as above) a victim within the folds of its cape. It cannot use its claws once a victim is enveloped. It can move one hex per turn with a victim enveloped but cannot fly.
They regenerate 2 ST per turn unless the damage is burn damage.
P.S. To think of what these monsters look like, I always think of those birdmen from the first Beastmaster movie.
ST:12-14 MA:10
DX:10-12 Armour:1 pt hide

Mutant ancient Earth apes created by the priests of Ksarul, their hide stops one hit and
they do not wear armour. They fight with crude spears or clubs and do +2 damage in HTH combat. Because of their intelligence they cannot be trained, only controlled. They are aggressive when attacking a party smaller than their group, which is normally 7-12 Chnelh strong. They will flee if at any time a party is larger than their group.

ST:15-25 MA:12
DX:12 Armour:0
The Kayi is a creature consisting of a large, grayish gas bag, a huge single eye and thin, fibrous tentacle net that hangs below it. Their form of attack is to hang high in the air and drop their tentacle net upon a victim.
The Kayi attacks by entangling a victim within its net and sucking the life out of it. The net automatically hits unless a victim makes a 4/DX roll. If surprised by the Kayi, the victim gets no DX roll. If the Kayi misses a victim with its net, it takes a turn for the Kayi to reroll the net and ready it again. The turn after a victim is entangled they will automatically take 2 dice of damage until dead or cut free. The only way the victim can escape is to cut themselves free or be cut free by friends. A victim entrapped by the net is -4 DX (no +4 DX for being in HTH) and can only use a dagger or hatchet to
escape. Friends can help cut a victim out but treat the attack as if striking into HTH. The net takes 12 hits and stops 2 points of damage (very resilient).
The Kayi floating above the battle keeps itself out of the reach of hand-held weapons. Jabbing pole weapons can be stabbed at the creature but a -2 damage. Missile and thrown weapons have no trouble reaching them. Any damage done by fire on this creature is doubled.
The Kayi is a one hex creature with no side or rear hexes. Its armor stops one hit. On the turn the Kayi is killed, it explodes for one die of damage to any one in the same megahex with it (Kayi is the center of the megahex).

ST:8 MA:6/30
DX:12 Armour:1 pt feathers
These semi-intelligent, bird-like beings are covered with brilliant plumage that is used for feathered capes, helmets, etc. They claw or bite for one die of damage. They can do both on the same turn at -4 DX.
The Kheshchal has a special attack called a swoop. This swoop is a flying charge of half the air movement distance of this creature. This attack is with the claws at +2 DX and does double damage when it hits. Along with this attack, this flying creature can bite the victim at -2 DX on the same turn. After this attack, the Kheshchal is considered in HTH with the character/creature attacked and must disengage immediately to fly off. The defender does not roll to on the HTH table to see if it gets its dagger out, fends off the attack, etc. The defender does get a +4 to hit the Kheshchal in HTH. The Kheshchal must try to disengage during its turn. The Kheshchal will have from 2-12 feathers that can be picked off of it. Each of these feathers is worth $300-1800. If found or captured, a Kheshchal egg is worth $600-$3,600 (3d6x200). These creatures can be

ST:8-12 MA:6/30
DX:12 Armour:1 pt feathers
Brownish,bird-like creatures that have a limited intelligence. They bite or claw for 1+1 damage. They attack as do the Kheshchal, this also includes the swoop. They are good hunters and spies. Spies because they have a natural spying talent (as in TFT:ITL without being able to open doors) and all of its prerequisites. They can also be trained to have limited speech (as a talking parrot), if trained by an animal handler.
A captured Kyni or one of their eggs is worth $400-$2,400. There is a 50/50 chance of capturing a Kyni if offered a Tsural bud, an herb they like. Another way to capture them, is to hit them with a special sticky, blunt arrow. This arrow does 1-3 points of damage and when hit the bird must make a 4/ST roll or it is grounded and can only move one hex on the ground. These special arrows cost $5.

ST:30-50 MA: 12
DX: 12 Armour:1 pt hide
IQ: 10
A spectral creature that is invisible to humans and non-humans, except for Pe Choi, who can use their Mage Sight to see them. The Qumqum can be heard coming from up to 50 megahexes away because of the terrible thunder-like noise it makes. The only thing that can hurt this creature is wizardry or fire.
They fight invisibly with a special pikeaxe forged by the priests of Sarku. The pikeaxe is +1 damage magic and does 3-1 damage. This pikeaxe is invisible and can fetch in the open market $10,000.
The Qumqum is dangerous but may ignore a party (2 in 6 chance) if not given a task, such as guarding. The Qumqum fears fire and any time this weapon is used against it there is a two in six chance that the creature will flee. This creature can also be driven off by an Eye of Destestation or an Eye of Incomparable Command.

Renyu (Loyal Follower)
ST:11-16 MA:10
DX: 10 Armour:1 pt hide
IQ: 7
Man-like humanoids found mainly in mountain and forested regions. They have long pointed snouts, long pointed ears, a tail and are covered in blackish or brownish fur. Almost appears to look like a canine that has two arms and two legs. They have a simple language. They use the same weapons as a Neanderthal but cannot be trained to be soldiers. They see well in the dark - night is like dusk to them. They always have the ability to see at least 2 hexes away from them in a pitch-dark labyrinth. They are also very alert to their surroundings and receive the Alertness talent for free.
Wild Renyu within 3 ST of death will fall to the ground and plead for surrender. These animals can be trained and will fight loyally for a master, to the death if need be, and will not surrender if their master is still alive.

Size ST DX IQ MA Armor Bite
2-hex 25 12 7 12 3 hits 1+2
4-hex 60 13 7 10 4 hits 2
7-hex 90 14 7 8 6 hits 2+2

Huge creatures that look like dragons covered with gleaming scales. They have six legs and a pair of small arms just below their long neck and bony head. They are semi-intelligent and can be taught to use simple weapons. The Serudla can also bite or use an acid spittle. These creatures come in three sizes, the larger ones being older.

As stated the Serudla cannot only bite but can be trained with simple weapons. Serudla Masters prefer pike axes. This animal can also spit acid at an enemy for 3 dice of damage. Treat as a thrown weapon and it costs the Serudla 10 ST to spit. Serudla will only fight in HTH if forced into that situation.
Serudla can be trained by a person with the Animal Handler talent but this is limited to being brought up from a Serudla egg or the two-hex variety creature. Four and seven hex Serudla are to set in their ways to be trained. It takes at least three months to train one of these animals. Wild Serudla are not aggressive. So make a reaction roll to see if they attack or just stare at you. A mother Serudla will always attack if she feels her nest is threatened. A Serudla egg can fetch as much as $10,000 on the open market.
ST:10-20 MA:10
DX:9-11 Armour:2 point hide
Treat exactly like a GHOUL in TFT (TFT:ITL p.55) except that they generally will carry hand-held weapons. Any victim killed by a Shedra in HTH or whose body was left with this creature will become a Shedra after being dead a day. They only way this can be stopped is through the use of a remove curse spell but this must be done within 24 hours after the victim is slain. Once a victim has become a Shedra only a wish spell or divine intervention will negate this problem.

Size ST DX IQ MA Air MA Water MA Bite Armor
2-hex 20 12 7 8 20 12 1+1 4 hits
4-hex 40 13 7 " " " 2 dice 5 hits
7-hex 75 14 7 " " " 3 dice 6 hits

Mutants from some ancient reptilian stock that can walk, fly, and swim. They are semi-intelligent, have six legs with a pair of arms located just below their dragon-like heads. There are three different sizes of Sro. All Sro have a natural TWO WEAPONS talent and use it to the best of their ability or training. They usually use two broadswords. They can either use these together in combat or bite and use a sword in the same turn following the rules for two weapon use.
Sro have a fondness for gems and jewelry and if offered to a Sro, add 1 to any reaction roll with the creature.
ST:20-30 MA:10
DX:12 Armour:4 pt blubber
An archaic lifeform that is somewhat man-like, doughy and blubbery-looking with two saucer-like eyes, a greyish beak, and rolls of skin that hang about it like a robe. Their favourite dish are human and animal eyes. They can claw for 1+2 damage. They can be trained to use man-type weapons and shields and because of their claws they do an extra +1 damage in HTH.
Thunru'u can be domesticated and can be found as servants of man. Certain magical eyes can also control them and there is a 5 in 6 chance that the odour of Tsural buds will repel them.

ST:10-15 MA:10
DX:10-16 Armour:0

Corpse of an ancient warrior that has been reanimated by the priests of Sarku or Ksarul. The spell that created them is a variant of the zombie spell only known by these priests. These creatures will always attack and will not run.
Mrur have the ability to regenerate one hit per turn like a troll in
TFT:ITL. All damage by fire is permanent. Mrur wear armor and carry
weapons related to their strength.

Roll Armour Roll Shield
1-2 Leather 1-2 None
3-4 Chain 3-4 Small
5 Half-plate 5 Large
6 Plate 6 Tower
The type of weapon used by a Mrur is related to its ST, thus a ST 16 Mrur can use a greatsword if it does not have a shield. If it does have a shield it will use the largest one-handed weapon it can.

ST:50-75 MA:12
DX:14 Armour:5 point bronze
An animated man-like bronze automaton some seven feet tall. They were used by the ancients to guard gate openings. They have three different types of attacks:
Its first attack is with a +1 DX/+1 damage great sword (adjDX 15 and 3+2 damage) that it wields one-handed. Its second attack is that its other hand shoot light crossbow bolt that does 2 dice of damage. When firing these bolts, treat the bolt like a thrown weapon after it traverses a megahex. So if a target is 3 hexes away there are no modifiers but if the target is five hexes away the Ru'un receives a -2DX to hit that target. The automaton has five of these bolts ("fingers")and it can fire one per turn. After a battle the Ru'un will return these bolts to the sockets where they belong. The
Ru'un's third attack is it throws off a continuous Shock Shield of one die of damage and anyone that hits the Ru'un with a metal weapon in hand will receive 1-2 points of damage that armor does not stop.
Two special abilities the Ru'un has is Mage Sight at no ST cost and it can never be surprised. The Ru'un only obeys the Incomparable Eye of Command and the Amulet of ruling the Ru'un.

ST: 20 MA:6/24 DX:11 Armour:0 IQ:0 Dingy, blackish creatures with huge leathery wings,�Vorodla are actually restructured and reanimated bodies of ancient warriors.
Attacking at night or in the dark, the Vorodla is +2 DX.� They favor the use of two-handed weapons but a few will carry a one-handed weapon and shield. They will fight until destroyed.� The Vorodla regenerates 1 hit per turn but cannot regenerate fire or lightning damage.
ST:30-40 MA:6
DX:9 Armour:4 pt hide
IQ: 4

Great (4-hex) slow moving, six-legged beasts with flattish horned heads and splayed beaks. Their hides are removed and processed to make armour and weapons. They are also used as draft animals.
The Chlen will only fight if attacked. They do 2 die of damage with their horned heads and they can do a running charge that will double this damage.
If within five hit points (ST) of death, the Chlen will feign death in a sign of surrender but only a naturalist or animal handler will know of this trick. Once this happens, there are three choices, leave the Chlen, kill the Chlen, or noose it and train it. In order to do the later, you must have the Animal Handler talent.
The hide of the Chlen can be removed from it without harming the animal. Once this hide is removed it can be cured by a special process to make it as hard as bronze. The cured hide is then used to make weapons and armour. The best part about this process is that after the removal of this hide it will grow fully back in two to four weeks. An unprocessed hide can bring up to $100; whereas, a cured hide is worth $300.
Chlen are normally found tamed/domesticated but there is a 1 in 6 chance that the animal is wild.

ST:2 MA:14
DX:14 Armour:0

Little, six-legged creatures with a pair of small hands underneath their blunt snouts. They will never attack and will flee if approached. Treat them exactly like the SLINKER in TFT (p. 62 TFT:ITL). The only difference is that there is a 2 in 6 chance that the Kuruku will drop the stolen item not to far away from where it was stolen where it can be found easily. To find the Kuruku nest a 6/IQ roll must be made. Naturalists and trackerssubtract one from this die roll.
ST:15-30 MA:6/20
DX:11 Armour:2 pt fur
Winged killers that are warm-blooded, covered in fur and related to the Hlaka. They bite for 2 dice of damage and have a tail attack as does a dragon in TFT:ITL. They are four-hex creatures. There is a 50/50 chance that they will attack anything living.
Because of their relation to Hlaka, the Hlaka can control the Shanu'u for a period of time. Treat this ability as a Control Person spell (AW p.13) with the same ST cost but only related to the Shanu'u. Shanu'u can be trained but only by Hlaka.

ST:30-40 MA:6
DX:11 Armour:4 pt carapace

The Tsi'il is a large (4-hex), six-legged creature with a horny carapace, a spiked crest, and rows of jagged spiky growths upon its back. It fights with a spiked mace-like tail and a bite. They are very passive, gentle creatures that will only fight if attacked.
Tsi'il bite for 1+1 damage, and hit with a spiked tail for 2+2 damage. Anything stupid enough to enter HTH with these creatures will receive an automatic one die of damage per turn because of the animals spikes and remember the animal can still bite for 1+1 damage. Its preferred mode of attack is to use its tail. The Tsi'il can use its tail as a Dragon does in TFT:ITL or can strike for 2+2 damage a single target or can use its tail in a sweeping blow against the possible four targets behind it. It can either use its tail or bite but not both at the same time.
The only reason anyone would want to attack a Tsi'il is for its gland, which is very effective in repelling the Haqel, Tletlakha, and certain other marine creatures. A single gland can be sold for up to $4000 to a chemist or alchemist on the open market.

ST:31-36 MA:6/12
DX:11 Armour:5 pt exoskeleton
The Dlakolel is a black, six-legged, shiny winged, mandibled armored titan. It has a limited ability to fly (jump) over obstacles. . An adult Dlakolel is a four hex creature, biting for 2+2 damage because of its strong mandibles. An adolescent is a 3-hex figure with 21-26 ST and bites for 2 dice damage, while a youth is a 1-hex figure and bites for 1+1 damage. It has a ST of 11-16 and a DX of 10. The Dlakolel can jump from engaged status to disengaged status without disengaging normally because of its jumping ability.

Dlakolel can be trained to be steeds but they must be brought up from an egg. It will be three years (adolescence) until it can carry a rider. Dlakolel eggs can go for up to $5000 on the open market. If encountered in the wild make a reaction roll to see if this creature attacks the party.


Size ST DX IQ MA Armour Bite
1-hex 15 9 1 6 4 hits 2 dice
2-hex 30 10 1 6 4 hits 2+1
3-hex 45 11 1 6 5 hits 2+2
4-hex 60 11 1 6 6 hits 3 dice

Great armoured beetle-like carrion eating insects that have an iridescent green carapace, six-legs, and powerful scissor-like mandibles. They come in four sizes.
They will only attack from ambush or if they outnumber the party by five hex-sizes. Example: a party of four characters would be attacked by Dlaqo if there were two 3-hex, one 2-hex, and two 1-hex Dlaqo for a total of nine hex-sizes.

ST:21-26 MA:12
DX:11 Armour:0
Smooth-skinned, serpent-headed, oily-looking beasts that run on 60 legs and attack any living thing they see. This is the main reason this animal can never be trained.
They are normally two-hex creatures, biting for 1+2 damage with a four in six chance of the bite being poisonous. If the bite damage penetrates the armor the victim must make a 3D vs. ST or suffer 2 dice of damage. The victim will still suffer from one die of damage if this roll is not made as the poison is very strong. The Feshenga is very aggressive and will fight to the death. When Feshenga are encountered it will usually be 1-6 of them.

ST:11-13 MA:4/18
DX:15 Armour:2 point hide
This flying creature looks like a long, slender, grayish-green worm with a stinger and a pair of membranous wings. It has two attacks. The first attack is a bite with its razor-sharp teeth for 1+2 damage. Its second attack is its poisonous stinger which stabs for one die damage. If the barb penetrates a victim's armor they will take two dice of poison damage unless they make a 3/ST roll. If this roll is made, no poison damage is taken.
Gerednya fear fire and any use of it around them will have them make a morale check on a D6. On a roll of 1-3, the creature flees; on a roll of 4 or 5, it fights normally; and on a roll of a 6, goes berserk and attacks until it kills you or you kill it.
If slain, Gerednya wing cases are worth $1000 to a Chlen hide armourer, since it contains a chemical used in the moulding process of chlen armor and weapons.

ST:15-20 MA:6/24
DX:12 Armour:0
These greenish, stilt-like insectoid creatures are related to the Hluss. They sting with a long, segmented tail that inject a paralysis poison. After a victim is poisoned, the Lri picks up the victim and takes it back to its nest to be devoured.
They are two-hex creatures that can bite for 1+1 damage and sting for 1+2 damage. They can attack with both modes of attack at -4 DX in the same turn at the same target. If sting damage passes a victims armour, the victim must make a 5/ST roll or will fall down and be paralysed for 48 hours minus the victims ST in hours.
When Lri paralyses its victim, it will pick it up (3/ST roll) in the turn thereafter. The Lri will then try to disengage from any combat. Lri can bite while picking up its victim but at -4 DX. The Lri will then try and fly off to its lair at half speed (12MA).
ST:20-25 MA:6
DX:11 Armour:5 pt carapace
Large, shelled, crab-like creatures that fasten onto their victim with eight sucker type legs. The creature then tries to insert a proboscis into the victim's body to suck out the blood and all the soft body parts. They are 3 hex creatures. The Ngrutha starts its attack by trying to go HTH with a victim. Once in HTH combat, the creature will try to insert its proboscis into a victim. To do this, damage from the proboscis must get past the armor. The proboscis does 1+2 damage. Once inserted into the victim, they will take 3 hits per turn beyond armour or magic. The only way to stop this damage is to kill the Ngrutha. A victim is considered HTH with the creature but is -2 DX with no pluses for HTH combat. The victim also must make a 4D vs. ST to disengage from this creature. Once disengaged, the Ngrutha must impale again with its proboscis to do the automatic damage. At the same time, same time a victim is being drained, the Ngrutha can attack another target with its feet for one die of damage at no DX penalty.
ST:15-20 MA:12
DX:11-12 Armour:4 pt scales
Snake-like, tentacled creature with strong scale armour that ranges up to 3m in length. They can bite for 1+1 damage, but prefer to attack with their flailing tentacles. The creature can whip out these tentacles up to 4 hexes away. Treat each tentacle as a whip in TFT. The Qaqtla will can use the tentacles at 2, 3, or 4 hexes away. If an attacker is adjacent, the creature will bite or disengage to make the most of its tentacle attacks. These tentacles do one die of damage and all four can strike at the same time with no DX modifiers. The tentacles can strike at different targets in the same turn without DX modification as well. Each attack is rolled separately. If a tentacle is struck at, the attacker is -4DX and the tentacle takes 5 hits and has armour equivalent to 2 points. If damage from a tentacle strike gets past a defender's armour, the victim must make a 4/ST roll or take another 1 die poison damage. Qaqtla are 3 hex long creatures like the giant lizard in TFT.

ST:30-50 MA:4
DX:11 Armour:5 pt leaves
A form of fungus created by the Ancients as a killer guardian. The Sagun is a pallid, convoluted, leafy-looking creature that stands about 2.2m high and sways forward upon its mobile stalk to strike with woody claws, which inflict 2+1 damage. The Sagun has a special attack where it will emit a cloud of spores. There is a 3 in 6 chance each round
that the Sagun will emit the spore cloud that is considered to be in the hex with the Sagun and its six adjacent hexes. The spore cloud is immediately emitted at the beginning of a turn before movement. If any victim is within this radius when it is the Sagun's turn to act, they must make a 3/ST roll or fall down gagging and unable to do anything until the ST roll is made each turn. The victim will die if a cleansing spell is not given to him within 24 turns, because the spores have germinated inside him.

ST:9 MA:16
DX:14 Armour:2
Long, sinuous, eel-like fish with a pair of rudimentary arms and hands
behind a snake-like head. Because of their snake-like qualities they are -3 to hit.
They bite for 1+1 damage and can throw a rock as if it has the thrown weapons talent. A rock thrown by a Nenyelu will do 1-2 damage. If the Nenyelu's bite penetrates a victim's armour, the victim must make a 4/ST roll or take two dice poison damage. A character will still take 2 points of poison damage even if this roll is made.
A poison sac from a Nenyelu is worth $500 to a chemist or alchemist.

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