The Fantasy Trip Components

Advanced Melee
Advanced Wizard
In the Labyrinth
Tollenkar's Lair - Adventure

Thorsz MicroQuests

Death test 1
Death test 2
Orb Quest

Other Cidri MicroQuests

Security Station
Master of Amulets

Treasure Hunting MicroQuests

Quest for the Silver Unicorn
Treasure of the Unicorn Gold

Non-Cidri MicroQuests

Grail Quest

Game Aids

The Fantasy Master's Codex
The Game master's Screen
Interplay Magazine: Issues 1-8

Related to TFT

Lords of Underearth - Large scale battles for TFT
Dragons of Underearth - Simplified TFT rules
Starleader Assault - Space rules


Land Beyond the Mountains

Warrior Lords of Darok
Forest Lords of Dihad
Shaylle: Soldier City - Never released for TFT, retooled for Thieves Guild as City of the Sacred Flame
Intrigue in Plaize - Never released for TFT, retooled for Thieves Guild as Within the Tyrant's Demesne

Dark City Games


Legends of the Ancient World - Fantasy
Legends of Time and Space - Futuristic
Legends of the Untamed West - Western

World of Tyrin

Orcs of the High Mountains
The Sorcerer's Manor
Crown of Kings
Fire in the Streets
The Dark Vale
Sewers of Redpoint
Island of Lost Spells
Gates to the Underworld

Ancient Rome

Wolves on the Rhine

Wild West

Blood in the Dust


Void Station 57
Dark Star Incident
Repel Boarders Starboard

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