Startlingly Good Dragons (and a whole lot more)

Rick Smith kindly sent me two sheets of counters he apparently made up in the mid-90s. The sheets are black and white, with a mixture of counters: some things that were needed and added, some done better, some new Hymenoptera(TM) types, additional weapon counters and so forth. The counter art quality is startlingly good: when I saw the dragons I was forced to dig out the original Wizardģ counter set and compare (sorry Rick!), because the style was so similar and the quality of the dragons was at least as good as the originals.

Iíve enclosed carefully partial scans of a few items (and complete scans of a VERY few as well). The handful I've posted: one complete three hex dragon walking, a flying one hex, partial of another three hex dragon plus a partial of an alternative shape for a nine hex dragon, Rickís three hex horses, a three hex spider, a one hex spider, an Irish wolfhound, an alligator, nunchuks and some other weapons. And thatís a tiny sample, these two counter sheets are 8 Ĺ by 11 inches (almost A4) Ė not the small sheets we used to get in the olde days of yore, itís a lot of counters.

What else does Rick have on these sheets? The hydra counters, lots of flying and walking dragons of lots sizes including what I took to be a five hex dragon and a 19 hex dragon, more types for the hive, endless weapons, a heavily armed and armored giant paladin, a giant with a pike axe, three hex octopi (JUST what your adventurers wanted to meet...), lizard men, a demon, trees, creepy crawlies, a lot of weapons... itís pretty amazing.

(Please donít write and complain that I accidentally cut off the dragons: that was deliberate, Iím constitutionally unable to go posting other peopleís artwork to the internet. Rick specifically stated that he didnít mind the counter sets being posted online, so if anyone ELSE wants to volunteer, ask Rickís permission again and go for it!)

The art quality really is equivalent to our two fave TFT artists: the dragons in particular look like an unearthed trove from circa 1980. Bug Rick to send you a set (sorry again Rick!), or to do a Kickstarter if heís feeling entrepreneurial, or to sell to one of our publishers, or just post them for everyone. Ė Craig B., August 2020

The Examples:




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