Spells from Advanced Wizard
IQ 8 SpellsTypeCostComments
BlurT[1/1]Subtracts 4 from DX of all attacks / spells against subject.
Detect MagicT[1/-]Directed at one item / being, tells user if the item is magic or has any spells on it. Does not identify spells.
Drop WeaponT[1/-]Costs 2 if victim's ST is 20 or more.
ImageC[1/-]Creates a 1 hex image for 12 turns.
LightT[1/-]Makes one small item glow like a torch for one day.
Magic FistM[V/-]Does 1D-2 for each ST point used to cast.
Slow MovementT[2/1]Halves victims MA for 4 turns.
StaffS[5/-]Creates a staff, does 1D damage if used in combat.
IQ 9 SpellsTypeCostComments
AidT[V/-]Temporarily adds 1 to ST, DX or IQ of the subject for each point of ST used to cast. Lasts for 2 turns.
AvertT[2/1]The victim must end their movement at least 2 hexes further from the caster than they started, each turn the spell is on.
ClumsinessT[V/-]Subtracts 2 from victims DX for each ST point used to cast. Lasts for three turns.
ConfusionT[V/-]Subtracts 2 from victims IQ for each ST point used to cast. Lasts for three turns.
DarknessS[V/1]Extinguishes all artificial lights within it's range. See rulebook.
Dark VisionT[3/-]Gives subject the ability to see normally, even in total dark. Lasts for 1 hour.
Detect LifeS[2+/-]Tells the caster if there are any living beings within 2 MH. Range may be increased by 1 MH for each additional ST used to cast.
FireC[1/-]Fills one hex with magical flame.
Reveal MagicS[1/1]Reveals Protective spells cast by an opponent or magic items being actively used. Pre-requisite Detect Magic.
Summon WolfC[2/1]Brings a Wolf [ST 10, DX 14, IQ 6, MA 12, Bite 1D+1] to follow casters orders. Costs 2ST to cast, plus 1 each turn the wolf remains.
IQ 10 SpellsTypeCostComments
DazzleS[3/-]Creates a blinding psychic flash within 5 MH of the caster.
Detect EnemiesS[3+/-]Picks up on beings with general or specific hostile intent. May also detect some kinds of hostile magic or traps of a magical nature.
Far VisionT[1/-]Subject can see "like a hawk" for 5 minutes 60 turns.
Lock / KnockT[2/-]Used to control doors or gates, may hold them closed or open them.
ShadowC[1/-]Fills one hex with totally black shadow.
Shock ShieldT[2/1]Does 1D damage to any other creature in the subject's hex.
Speed MovementT[2/-]Doubles MA of subject for 4 turns.
Summon MyrmidonC[2/1]Brings a warrior [ST 12, DX 12, IQ 8, MA 10, Broadsword 2D] to follow caster's orders.
TrailtwisterS[4/-]Trailtwister will confuse pursuing enemies that are not within sight. Lasts one day.
TripT[2/-]Knocks victim down.! Cost is 4ST if victims ST is 30 or more.
WardS[2/-]Psychic "booby-trap", up to 3 hex's. Lasts one day.
IQ 11 SpellsTypeCostComments
Control AnimalT[2/1]Puts any one animal under the caster's control, as long as the spell is maintained. Works only on real animals.
Create WallC[2/-]Creates a solid wall in 1 hex. Lasts 12 turns
Destroy CreationT[1/-]Removes any one thing created by a creation spell. See rulebook.
IllusionC[2/-]Creates a 1 hex illusion. Lasts 12 turns.
PersuasivenessT[2/1]Lets subject speak convincingly. Lasts one minute, plus one minute for each additional 1 ST.
Reveal / ConcealT[2/V]Multi-purpose spell used a to find or to hide some object. See rulebook.
Reverse MissilesT[2/1]Causes any missile spells, missile or thrown weapons aimed at the subject to turn against the one who fired them instead.
RopeC[2/-]Creates a magical rope to entangle a victim of less than 20 ST, halving their MA and reducing DX. Lasts 12 turns, or until removed.
Silent MovementT[1/1]Lets subject walk, run, climb, etc. totally noiselessly.
SleepT[3/-]Puts a victim to sleep until they awake naturally or are awakened.
Staff to SnakeT[3/-]Lets caster turn his own staff into a small snake. Lasts 6 turns. [ST 8, DX 13, IQ 4, MA 6, Bite 1D-1. DX -2 to hit] Pre-requisite Staff.
Summon BearC[4/1]Brings a bear [ST 30, DX 11, IQ 6, MA 8, Bite 2D+2] to follow caster's orders.
IQ 12 SpellsTypeCostComments
Analyze MagicT[4/-]This spell tells the wizard the exact nature of the enchantment on any one object.
BlastT[2/-]Does 1D damage to every creature in the wizards hex or adjacent to it, except the wizard.
Break WeaponT[3/-]Shatters one weapon, shield, staff etc. in the hands of a foe.
Drain StrengthS[0/-]Lets the wizard drain life force from others into himself or his friends. No ST Cost - but each 5 ST drained gives only 1ST to the recipient.
Eyes-BehindT[3/1]Improves the peripheral vision and coordination of a subject.
3-hex FireC[2/-]Like the Fire Spell, but covering up to 3 connected hexes.
FireballM[V/-]Does 1D-1 Damage for each ST point the wizard puts into it.
FreezeT[4/-]Totally freezes victim for 2 to 12 turns.
InvisibilityT[3/1]Makes the subject invisible.
Mage SightT[2/1]Allows its subject to see objects concealed by blur, invisibility, shadow, or ordinary darkness.
Magic RainstormC[4/-]Creates a storm one megahex in size. Lasts 12 turns. Puts out all fires real & magical. Fireballs, lightning & dragon fire cannot pass through it.
RepairT[6/-]This spell will magically repair any simple item of weight less than 2Kg. This spell will not repair a complicated machine, it just joins simple breaks.
3-Hex ShadowC[2/-]Like the Shadow Spell, but covering up to 3 connected hexes.
IQ 13 SpellsTypeCostComments
Control ElementalT[3/1]Puts any one elemental under caster's control as long as the spell is maintained. See rulebook.
Control PersonT[3/1]Puts any one human or humanoid under the caster's control for as long as the spell is maintained. Target of the spell gets a 3D save against their IQ.
CurseT[V/-]The Curse is a general foul-up spell cast at one individual. See rulebook.
FireproofingT[3/1]Makes its subject immune to all effects of all kinds of fire and flame. See rulebook.
FlightT[3/1]Lets subject fly. A creature flying by this spell has a MA of 12.
4-Hex ImageC[2/-]Lets the caster create an image of anything no greater than 4 hexes in size. lasts for 12 turns. Pre-requisite Image.
Open TunnelT[10/-]Turns one hex of rock or any other material into air. The effect of this spell is permanent.
Slippery FloorT[3/-]Makes the floor over one megahex extremely slick. Lasts 12 turns.
Sticky FloorT[3/-]Makes an area of floor one megahex in size magically sticky. See rulebook.
Stone FleshT[2/1]Gives the subject's body the power to act as armor, stopping 4 hits per attack.
StopT[3/-]The victim of this spell has a MA of zero for the next four turns. They may do anything else but may not move to another hex under any circumstances.
Summon GargoyleC[4/1]Brings a Gargoyle [ST 20, DX 11, IQ 8, MA 8/16 Fist does 2D]
3-Hex WallC[4/-]Like the Create Wall spell but affecting any 3 connected hexes. Lasts 12 turns.
TelekinesisT[2/2]Lets the caster move objects by the force of his mind. See rulebook.
IQ 14 SpellsTypeCostComments
Dispel IllusionsS[5/-]Causes all illusions within 5 megahexes of the casters own megahex to vanish immediately.
Explosive GemS[?/-]Spell list incomplete.
Fresh AirT[2/1]The subject of the spell can breathe normally, regardless of where they are.
GlamourT[10/-]This is a special sort of illusion. See rulebook.
4-Hex IllusionC[3/-]Lets caster create any illusion no greater than 4 hexes in size. Lasts for 12 turns. Pre-requisite Illusion
LightningM[V/-]An electrical discharge, it does 1D of damage for each ST point the wizard puts into it.
Remove Thrown SpellT[2/-]Negates the effect of any thrown spell.
Spell ShieldT[3/1]Prevents any spells from being cast on its subject.
Summon Lesser DemonC[20/-]Allows the caster to summon a minor demon, who will perform one service for him, or fight for 12 turns. Demon [ST 50, DX 13, IQ 16, MA infinite. Skin stops 3 hits, Hands 2D]
Summon GiantC[4/1]Brings a Giant to follow casters orders. Giant [ST 30, DX 9, IQ 8, MA 8, no armor, club does 3D+3.]
TelepathyT[4/1]Lets the caster read the mind of one subject.
Weapon/Armor EnchantmentT[Special]See rulebook.
IQ 15 SpellsTypeCostComments
Astral ProjectionS[10/-]Lets the caster send his astral body traveling on the astral plane. See rulebook.
CallingS[5/-]The caster of this spell can draw towards him the closest being of any kind he specifies. See rulebook.
Create GateC[100]Allows the caster to make an instant transport Gate between two locations. Cost is 50 ST to set up one end, and 50 ST to set up the other.
Giant RopeC[5/-]A stronger version of the Rope spell. Lasts for 12 turns.
HammertouchT[V/-]The subject of this spell can thump a person or object with their fist, doing one die of damage for each ST point put into the spell. The spell lasts for 3 turns.
7-Hex ImageC[4/-]Lets caster create any image occupying up to 7 connected hexes. Lasts for 12 turns.
Iron FleshT[3/1]Lets subject's body stop 6 hits per attack.
Megahex AvertT[3/1]Like the Avert spell, but cast on the occupants of a whole megahex.
PentagramC[5/1]Creates a magical barrier which keeps out or contains evil influences. See rulebook.
7-Hex ShadowC[3/-]Like the Shadow spell, but affecting up to 7 connected hexes. Lasts for 12 turns.
Summon Small DragonC[5/1]Brings a small 4-hex dragon to follow casters orders. Dragon [ST 30, DX 13, IQ 16, MA 6/16, Armor -3, Claws 2D-2, Breath 2D.]
TeleportS[V/-]Instantly "blinks" caster to another hex.! Cost 1ST for each megahex transported.
UnnoticeabilityT[3/1]This spell makes its subject hard to notice. He is not invisible, he is simply very easy to overlook.
IQ 16 SpellsTypeCostComments
Death SpellT[special]When this spell is cast, compare the ST of the caster with that of the victim. The lower strength at that moment is the amount of ST lost by each of the two.
Create ElementalS[5+]This spell will create one elemental which will do the bidding of its creator. See rulebook.
Destroy ElementalS[10/-]This spell destroys all elementals within a 5 megahex radius of the caster.
7-Hex FireC[4/-]Like the Fire spell but cast on any 7 connected hexes.
7-Hex IllusionC[5/-]Creates an illusion of anything occupying no more than 7 hexes.
Long-Distance TelepathyS[12/-]Allows the caster to send a short 5 word message to any one he knows. See rulebook.
Megahex SleepT[8/-]A sleep spell which effects every figure with strength less than 20 in a single megahex, or a single figure with ST of 50 or less.
Staff of PowerS[special]A Staff of Power cannot be bought or traded, it must be made by the wizard who is to use it. It takes four weeks to make, at a! Cost of 10 ST per day.
Summon DragonC[5/2]Brings a 7-hex Dragon to serve the caster. Dragon [ST 60, DX 14, IQ 20, MA 8/20, Armor - 5, Claws 2D, Breath 3D]
TranceS[10/-]The caster seems to sleep for one hour of game time. During this period he may ask one yes or no question of the game master. The GM will answer truthfully.
7-Hex WallC[6/-]Like the Create Wall spell but cast on any 7 connected hexes.
Write ScrollS[n/a]Lets the wizard create a scroll.
IQ 17 SpellsTypeCostComments
Blast TrapS[Varies]An object prepared with this spell will explode under some one condition set by the caster. See rulebook.
CleansingT[20/-]This spell will kill all small life forms disease germs, vermin etc. within the specified area. See rulebook.
ExpungeS[special]The Expunge spell is cast as part of the enchantment process on a magic item. See rulebook.
GeasS[10/-]A Geas is a command to do, or not to do, a certain thing. See rulebook.
InsubstantialityT[4/2]The subject of this spell is rendered temporarily "out of phase" with the rest of the universe. See rulebook. .
Remove Cursed ObjectT[20/-]A temporary version of the Dissolve Enchantment spell. See rulebook.
SpellsnifferT[2/1]This spell cast on any figure, gives that figure a combined Reveal, Detect and Analyze Magic ability that covers everything within 5 hexes.
Summon DemonC[30/-]Allows the caster to summon a 3-hex Greater Demon. See rulebook.
The Little DeathT[Special]This spell puts its subject in a suspended animation closely resembling death. See rulebook.
IQ 18 SpellsTypeCostComments
Control GateC[10/-]By casting this spell, a wizard can determine where the other end of a Gate is. See rulebook..
Lesser Magic Item CreationS[Special]Lets the caster create any magic item on the Lesser Magical Item List.
Megahex FreezeT[12/-]A Freeze spell which affects all figures with ST less than 20 in a given megahex. Or any single figure with ST less than 50.
ShapeshiftingT[10/20]This spell turns its subject into any known type of creature. See rulebook.
Wizards WrathM[V/-]The most powerful of missile spells can have the physical effect of any of the other three. It does 1D+1 for each ST the caster puts into it.
IQ 19 SpellsTypeCostComments
Long-Distance TeleportS[20/-]Lets the caster "blink" himself or one other from anyplace to anyplace else. See rulebook.
RevivalT[50/-]This spell will restore any dead creature to life. See rulebook.
ZombieT[5+/-]Lets the caster reanimate a corpse to create an undead servant. See rulebook.
IQ 20 SpellsTypeCostComments
Greater Magic Item CreationS[Special]Lets the caster create any magic item on the Greater Magical Item List.
PossessionS[Special]The wizard casting this spell puts himself into a trance and takes over the body of some other creature. See rulebook.
Word of CommandS[3/-]A wizard who knows one of these Words can say it to any figure or to a group and compel obedience. See rulebook.

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