David Bofinger's New and Changed Spells

IQ 7 Spells for Prootwaddle Wizards
Blunt Weapon7T1/-A blunt weapon does 1 point less damage. A weapon can be blunted up to 5 times, subsequent uses of the spell have no effect. Blunting is a permanent effect and can be corrected by Repair or use of a whetstone. Ineffective against weapons that are already blunt.
Detect Food7S2/-As Detect Life (q.v.) but detects something a prootwaddle would eat. That includes things of no nutritional value which a prootwaddle can eat, food that is almost but not quite completely rotten, animals substantially smaller than a prootwaddle, etc.. The caster can also search for one kind of food but the description must be given in terms a prootwaddle would understand - e.g. "The white food that is smelly."
Fog7C1/-Fills one hex with a magical fog that somewhat obscures vision. -2 DX for missiles per hex of fog, and -2 DX if attacking into or out of it. Anyone in or entering the fog also becomes slightly damp. Lasts 12 turns, or less in wind, and immediately dispersed by a fire cast in or adjacent to its hex.
Kill Rat7T1/-Causes 1 point of damage. Does get stopped by armour.
Literacy7S2/-Allows the caster to read and write any languages he knows, but reduces his IQ to 6 and disorders his common sense. The spell lasts one minute: long enough to, for instance, write a slogan on his own or another prootwaddle's body. The negative effects of the spell, however, pretty much guarantee the slogan will be bizarre at best and gibberish at worst.
Magic Rock7MV/-Creates and flings a magic rock to damage a single target. Does 1D-3 (minimum 0) for each ST point used to cast.
Proot!7T1/-Makes a loud "Proot! Proo-oot!" noise - louder than a prootwaddle can make. Prootwaddles find the sound reassuring. Non-prootwaddles find it irritating.
Push / Pull7T2/-Victim must roll 3 vs DX, or 4 vs ST, victim's choice. If he fails he must step directly away from (for push) or toward (for pull) the caster, or fall down. (As though forced to retreat.) Can also be used to push around inanimate objects, or even friends.
Speed Hair7T3/-For the next day the target's hair (wherever on body) grows at twice the normal rate.
Summon House Cat7C1/1Summons a house cat [ST 4, DX 14, IQ 5, MA 14. 1-2 in HTH only, -3 DX for enemies to hit it] to fight for the caster.
Summon Prootwaddle7C1/1Summons a prootwaddle [ST 10, DX 10, IQ 6, MA 10, carries two-handed maul 1+1, 1-3 unarmed in HTH] to fight for the caster.
Summon Vermin7T1/1Summons vermin to fight for the caster, of a kind with which the caster is familiar: rats, vampire bats, piranhas, piranhakeets, scuttles or something similar at GM discretion. Roll one die for the number, -1 if the environment is not really suitable, -2 if highly unsuitable, -1 for vampire bats, -2 for piranhakeets.
Thickskinned7T2/-Target's skin becomes thick and leathery, it stops 2 hits but the target suffers -1 DX.
Unrealistic Image7C1/-Creates a translucent 1 hex image that wouldn't normally fool anyone. Last 12 turns. Can be disbelieved on 2 vs IQ. Can be as effective, or almost as effective, as a normal Image spell in difficult seeing conditions (fog, etc.), if the creature being simulated happens to be translucent, or if the observer is a prootwaddle.

Many spells below are described as being like some other spell, but with changes. These spells include the spell they are like, in the same sense that 7-hex illusion includes 4-hex illusion.

Other New Spells
Day Vision9T3/-Gives subjects who cannot normally see well in bright sunlight the ability to see normally. Lasts for 1 hour.
Deflect Missiles9T1/1Like REVERSE MISSILES but the missile or thrown spell drops into a random adjacent hex. Roll a die to determine which hex, but if a line from the attacker to that hex would pass through the target's hex then roll again.
Lesser Aid9TV/-Temporarily adds 1 to fST of the subject for each point of fST used to cast. Lasts for 2 turns.
Eyes Beside10T1/1Slightly improves the peripheral vision and coordination of a subject. Included in EYES BEHIND. Either see new facing rules, or use following: reduce bonus to enemy melee attacks by 1 (i.e. +1 for side hex, +3 for rear hex), allow attacks into side hex on primary hand side, allow shield to cover side hex on secondary hand side.
Reduce Weight10T2/-Reduces the weight of an inanimate object to almost nothing (perhaps twice the density of air) for one hour. The object must be no heavier than the caster could carry.
Moving Fire11C1/1Like FIRE, but the fire can move with MA 1. The caster only pays the cost per turn in turns in which the fire moves.
Staff to Weapon11S2/-Transforms the wizard's staff into a weapon, which the wizard can use if he has sufficient strength and the relevant talent. If this spell is cast on a staff of power the weapon does an extra die of damage. Lasts a minute. The wizard's spell casting is unaffected by holding the weapon, just as though it were a staff. The wizard can change the weapon during his action, but it costs the same ST as casting the spell.
Amnesia12T4/-Just the memory-wiping ability of the (deprecated) Telepathy spell.
Greater Aid12TV/-As LESSER AID, or adds 1 to ST or DX of the subject for each 3 points of ST used to cast.
Moving Shadow12C1/1Like SHADOW, but the shadow can move with MA 2. The caster only pays the cost per turn in turns in which the shadow moves.
Megahex Deflect Missiles13T3/1Like DEFLECT MISSILES, but the spell affects any missile, missile spell or thrown weapon that attempts to pass from outside the megahex centred on the caster to inside that megahex.
3-Hex Moving Fire14C2/1Like MOVING FIRE, but three connected hexes. The fire must stay connected.
Great Repair14T15/-As repair, up to 15 kg.
3-Hex Moving Shadow15C2/1Like MOVING SHADOW, but three connected hexes. The shadow must stay connected.
Megahex Reverse Missiles15T4/2Like CONTROL MISSILES, but the spell affects any missile, missile spell or thrown weapon that attempts to pass from outside the megahex centred on the target to inside that megahex.
Megahex Silent Movement15S3/2As SILENT MOVEMENT, but affects all figures in a megahex centred on the caster.
Greater Magic Rainstorm15C8/-As MAGIC RAINSTORM, but a megamegahex in size.
Greatest Aid15TV/-As GREATER AID, or adds 1 to IQ of the subject for each 3 points of ST used to cast.
Control Missiles15T3/1Causes any missile spells, missile or thrown weapons aimed at the subject to turn against the character who sent them as REVERSE MISSILES, or against a target of the caster's choice (DX roll required to hit), or deposit themselves gently in the caster's hand or quiver (no DX roll needed).
Expanded Fireball16MV/-Carry out the following effects: (1) The target of the spell is attacked as though by a regular fireball (1-1 per fST). (2) Any figure in the same hex as whatever got hit by the first attack is attacked by a fireball which only does 1-2 per fST. This attack has no source so there is no range modifier and if it misses or is affected by e.g. Reverse Missiles it's just cancelled. (3) Make a fireball attack doing 1-3 per fST against each target in an adjacent hex, a fireball attack of 1-4 per fST against each figure 2 hexes away, a fireball of 1-5 per fST against each figure 3 hexes away. For purposes of Reverse Missiles etc. these attacks emanate from the figure hit by the main attack, so they may have to e.g. make rolls to miss, but if they hit something else they are just cancelled. General comments: Each point of fST does minimum 0 damage. All damage is fire damage.
Megahex Invisibility16S5/2As INVISIBILITY but affects all figures in a megahex centred on the caster.
Megahex Stop16T6/-As Stop but affects all targets in a megahex.
Wide Slippery Floor16T6/-As SLIPPERY FLOOR but affects a megamegahex.
Chain Lightning17MV/-Like LIGHTNING but attacks 6 targets. It has the magic-destroying effects of regular lightning. The first target hit suffers 1 die of damage per ST put in, the second 1-1, the third 1-2 (minimum 0), etc.. The first target to be hit is determined by the usual missile rules: drawing a line, allowing rolls to hit or miss, etc.. After each hit a new target is selected, which is the nearest target that hasn't been hit yet. If there are several equally distant then pick one randomly. The spell then proceeds as though a missile spell had been directed from the previous target towards the next. The process continues until the next target's damage would be 1-6 i.e. nothing. Note that the target actually hit may turn out to be a figure other than the one aimed at due to REVERSE MISILES and its ilk, missing, hitting walls, etc., the process continues from whatever actually got hit.
Wide Sticky Floor17T6/-Makes an area of floor one megamegahex in size magically sticky. Any figure entering an area of sticky floor stops immediately. Each turn thereafter their MA is reduced to 1. Lasts for 12 turns.
7-Hex Moving Fire18C4/1Like MOVING FIRE, but seven connected hexes. The fire must stay connected.
Eyes Everywhere18T7/2The subject can see in all directions with equal ease. All adjacent hexes become front hexes. Includes EYES BEHIND.
Megamegahex Avert18T6/2Like Avert, but cast on all targets in a megamegahex.
Megahex Spell Shield17T6/2Like Avert, but cast on all targets in a megamegahex.
7-Hex Moving Shadow19C4/1Like MOVING SHADOW, but seven connected hexes. The fire must stay connected.
Megamegahex Sleep19T16/-Like SLEEP but affecting every figure with strength less than 20 in a single megamegahex, or every figure with a ST less than 50 in a megahex, or a single figure with ST less than 100.
Megahex Control Missiles19T5/2Like CONTROL MISSILES, but the spell affects any missile, missile spell or thrown weapon that attempts to pass from outside the megahex centred on the target to inside that megahex.
Megahex Freeze21T24/-Like FREEZE but affecting all figures with ST less than 20 in a given megamegahex, or all figures with ST less than 50 in a megahex, or any single figure with ST less than 100.

(Are any of the above borrowed from other people? My records seem to say only Deflect Missiles, which is stolen from DCS, who might be Dave Seagreaves? Apologies if there were others.)

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