Below you will find all manner of strange beasts that roam Cidri. Beware, some are deadly!

Edit: 2/4/2019 I took out monsters from ITL since they are now being officially republished

Silver Unicorn Unique Monsters
Neanderthals161078  ST1+1 Morale
Cave Bear40105823D-13D-11 
Compsognathus51031021D-11D-11-1 Morale
Dire Wolf161251212D2D1-1 Reaction, -1 Morale
Fanged Bounder121151411D+12D-11-1 Reaction, + 1 Morale
Sabertooth Tiger301551212D+13D1 
Scimitar Cat361261023D3D+11 
Toxodon2595813D-12D4Stomps for 2D+1
Wooly Rhino40941023D+13D4Stomps for 2D+1
Ornitholestes10931021D1D1+1 Morale
Dragonodon, 4-Hex2512188/2432D+1-4Stomp 3D-1, 2D breath, 2 ST
Dragonodon, 7-Hex50132210/3043D-7Stomp 3D+1, 3D+1 breath, 3 ST
Unicorn Gold Unique Monsters
Beaver, Giant20116812D-12D2 
Bear, Short Face201151012D-12D-11-1 Reaction
Interplay Monsters
Fahzi        IP2
Narcophagrass        IP4
Klicker        IP4
Slime, Psycho        IP6
 Reaction -1, Acute Hearing, Silent Movement, Alertness, Night Vision (+2 DX in dark), Double experience to advance. Max IQ 10, Max ST 25
 Dark Vision, Darkness (No DX roll, 1Mhx/1ST), may use magic items (not weapons), 10+ hits from fire cause continuous burning (2 hits/rnd), immune to Control & Command spells

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