David Bofinger's New and Changed Talents

New Combat Talents
GENERAL MELEE81Prerequisite: Two IQ points worth of melee weapon skills. Substitutes for all IQ 7 melee weapon talents when used in melee (doesn't help with a knife used in HTH), but the character suffers a -1 DX if he lacks the relevant talent (instead of -4 DX).
SHIELD WALL81Prerequisite: SHIELD. Figure A attacks and hits Figure B. Figure C may may use a shield to stop some of the hits, provided (a) Figure C has this talent, (b) Figure C has a shield that stops at least two hits, (c) Figure C is adjacent to Figure B, (d) Figure A is to Figure C's front, (e) Figure A is no further from Figure C than Figure A is from Figure B. The protection provided is one less than the shield's normal protection.
Modified Combat Talents
VETERAN93Like Warrior, but more so: roll two more damage dice and discard the top two, from every attack against him. Prerequisites: ST 16 or better, and Warrior talent.
WARRIOR92This talent represents the toughness and expertise gained from years of combat experience. Whenever the figure suffers damage in battle or from a weapon-like trap, roll one more die for damage than the weapon calls for then discard the highest of the dice rolled. He is tough and hard to hurt and knows how to roll with the punches. Prerequisite is a ST of 14 or better.
Religious Talents
These are for worlds where religion has a minor but real effect.
WORSHIP71Ability to observe the rituals of a particular religion, as an ordinary worshipper, and a basic understanding of its tenets. Each character gets this talent free if they wish for one religion, typically the one they were brought up in. It costs 1 IQ to know about each other religion.
BLESSED71Prequisite: WORSHIP. The character is watched over by a deity (presumably one they worship). The deity should be from the religion they have WORSHIP for. To use this talent the character must (a) be engaged in an activity the deity would find admirable (b) have performed religious rituals more recently than the last time he/she benefited from this talent (in practice this means once per encounter at most), (c) have been behaving consistent with the deity's preferences. If he/she fails a roll by 1 or an enemy acting against the character succeeds by 1 then he/she may receive a reroll, depending on the nature of the task. (Perhaps one task in two should qualify.)
SAINT74Includes PRIEST, even if the character's IQ is not high enough to buy PRIEST - the character instinctively knows the right thing to do. Like BLESSED but more so: the roll succeeds rather than being a reroll. The deity occasional speaks to the character.
AVATAR76Includes THEOLOGIAN, even if the character's IQ is not high enough to buy THEOLOGIAN - the character knows the answer to theological problems because the god says what they are. (There might be some things a proper theologian could do that such a character could not, like provide a theologically sound explanation of why the answer is what it is.) Like SAINT but more so: make something up. The deity speaks through the character and may briefly take control.

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