In an effort to enhance combat and playability we used the following simple changes to the armour rules.

Prompted by the ITL cover art and general premise that all blows (except crippling and aimed) are against the body we introduced the notion of vests and hoods.

A Vest and Hood have 1 less DX adjustment as opposed to a full suit, hence a cloth vest and hood would incur no DX penalty. In its rawest form the change allowed for two locations of armour for 1 less DX adjustment but 99% of the time players chose the vest and hood/cap combination.

In addition we upped the performance of Chainmail so that it absorbs 4 hits. This also opened a gap to include ring or scalemail that would absorb 3 hits. Naturally we also upped Half-plate and Plate armour to 5 and 6 hits respectively.

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