Revised HiTech TFT

by Ty Beard


This was my first attempt to create "TFT Traveller" which actually worked okay. It played reasonably well and we liked it. This version is a "revised" version that incorporates easier OpFire (now called Overwatch) mechanics.

Originally Created in 1982; Revised 1998

HiTech TFT is exactly that – TFT in high technology worlds. High Tech worlds are different from Cidri in that they have mastered technology but have almost no magic (although they might have psionics.)

Projectile Weapons

At TL 4-11 the primary personal weapon is the projectile weapon, which relies on a large dose of kinetic energy to kill the target. At higher TLs, (10+) these weapons may have explosive tipped bullets. These weapons are relatively easy to fire, so someone without the appropriate talent may fire one at -2 DX. The following talents are available at IQ 8:

  • Rifle (1) - The ability to use all rifles and shotguns.
  • Pistol (1) - The ability to use all pistols and submachineguns.
  • Energy Weapons (1) - The ability to use all lasers, plasma guns and fusion guns.
  • Heavy Auto Weapon (1) - The ability to use heavy automatic weapons (LMG, MMG, Autocannon, etc.)
  • Rocket Launcher (1) - The ability to use manportable rocket launchers, LAWs, recoilless rifles, etc.
  • Tac Missile (1) - The ability to use tactical missile systems.

Each of these talents is available at an Expert level (IQ10, 2 points), which gives the firer a +2 DX.

Eligibility to Fire Guns and Heavy Weapons

Figures may fire guns if they move half of their movement or less. But note that there is a -2 DX penalty if the figure moves more than 1 hex and fires. A figure may only shift one hex and fire a heavy weapon. A crew served weapon can be moved at -4 MA. It then takes three turns to ready for firing.

Range Modifiers

The DX modifiers for firearms depends on the target's distance and the type of weapon:

Rifles are -1 DX per 2 megahexes after the first two megahexes for a maximum of -3. At 7-13 megahexes (about 25-50m), the modifier is -4. This is the limit of most close combats. If your combats take place at long range, use the following modifiers:

51-100 metersDX -5
101-150 metersDX -6
151-200 metersDX -7

and so on.

Submachineguns and pistols are -1 DX per megahex after the first one.

Quickdraw Talent

A figure may take a "Quickdraw Pistol" skill. This skill allows you to ready and fire a pistol in the same turn. To quickdraw a weapon, the figure must make a 3/DX roll

New Action

A figure that is eligible to fire may instead assume an Overwatch position. This figure may fire at any time during the remaining turn, or during the movement portion of the next turn. Fire in the next turn's movement portion is treated exactly like OpFire, except that there is no -2 DX.

HiTech Armor

HiTech armor is somewhat different than low tech armor. Instead of absorbing a set amount of damage from an attack, it absorbs a number of points from each die of damage that a weapon does. However, HiTech armor only has this effect against modern and low tech missile weapons. Against melee weapons, the armor absorbs damage from the entire attack, not from each die.

Armor Piercing Rounds

Certain types of weapons are listed as being armor piercing. All forms of armor only protect 1/2 (round up) against an AP round.


Shotguns and flechette guns have a DX bonus to represent the fact that these weapons fire multiple pellets or slugs.

Explosive Rounds (HE)

Explosive rounds are affected normally by armor, but all damage that penetrates armor is doubled. Also, all figures in hexes surrounding the target of an HE attack suffer damage. The damage is 1 point per die of damage that the weapon did.

High Explosive Armor Piercing Rounds (HEAP)

HEAP rounds are armor piercing (q.v.) rounds that explode. Armor is only worth half against HEAP rounds. And damage that penetrates armor is doubled. There is no blast radius as with HE rounds.


Some weapons can be autofired. They can be fired in one shot, four shot, half clip or full clip bursts. If they are fired in 4 shot, half clip or full clip bursts, they can hit a target more than once.

The procedure is simple. For every 3 that the firer rolls below his AdjDX (after taking all modifiers into account), the target is hit by another round. Damage is rolled separately for each round. Autofire weapons also have an autofire bonus which is added to the firer's AdjDX. The autofire bonus listed on the Weapons Chart is for a four shot burst. Add one for a half clip burst. Add two for a full clip burst.

For example, Biff Redstone fires an assault rifle at a target. After all modifiers, his AdjDX is 13. He rolls a nine. Nine is four below Biff's DX, so the target is hit twice.

Grenades and Rocket Launchers

Grenades may be thrown like any other thrown weapon. A miss will scatter 1d6 hexes in a random direction.

Some weapons can also fire rifle grenades from integral grenade launchers. The firer may choose normal ammo or grenades when he fires. Rifle grenades also scatter.

HE grenades do full damage in the impact hex, 1/2 their dice damage in hexes surrounding the target, 1/4 in hexes surrounding those and 1/8 in the next band of hexes. In all cases round damage dice down. For example, a TL 12 HE grenade (8 dice damage) detonates in a hex. The figure in the hex takes 8 dice damage. All adjacent figures take 4 dice damage. All figures within two hexes take 1 die of damage. A figure in the target hex of a grenade or ricket launcher has his armor halved.

Rocket Launchers use the Rifle "to hit" modifiers. Rifle Grenades use the pistol range modifiers.

New To Hit Modifiers

Use all of the Missile Weapon and Crossbow DX modifiers when playing HiTech TFT. Some new ones are:

  • -2 DX if firer moved more than one hex during movement
  • -6 DX if firer dodged during his movement
  • -6 DX if firer moved more than 1/2 his MA
  • +1 DX if firing weapon is gyrostabilized and is being fired on auto
  • +2 DX if firing weapon has a laser targeting scope

Combat Example

For example, Biff Redstone in his flak jacket is shot with an assault rifle. The weapon does two dice damage. The rolls are six and one. The six is reduced to a four and the one to a -1, which becomes zero because a weapon cannot do negative damage. Biff takes four points of damage. Later, Biff is attacked with a broadsword (2 dice damage) and suffers eight points of damage. His flak jacket only stops two points so he takes six points of damage. Later, Biff is hit with an HE round (2 dice damage) from a snub pistol. The weapon rolls a three and a four, becoming a one and a two respectively. Biff takes three points of damage, which is doubled because it is HE for a total of six points. The hapless Biff expires.


Modern weapons deliver a large amount of kinetic energy when they hit. Armor counteracts this by spreading the energy over a greater area. Thus, the target may be unharmed but he still takes a great deal of shock damage. To simulate this, anytime a figure wearing flak jacket or nylon armor is hit, the unmodified damage is used to determine if he falls down or suffers a -2 DX. falls down or suffers a -2 DX.

For example, Biff Redstone in his flak jacket is hit with an assault rifle (2 dice damage). The damage roll is a three and a five. His armor reduces this to a one and a three, so Biff only takes four points of damage. However, for purposes of knockdown, he takes eight points of damage and falls down.

Weapon Tables

Ranged Weapons

WeaponDamageAutofire bonusClipNotes
lt pistol1-6/10.32- cal
hvy pistol2-6/10.38+
lt rifle1-20.22
med rifle2-20.223-.30
hvy rifle3-20.30-06
assault rifle2+120M-16; AK-47
auto rifle3+130BAR; M-14
ACR-slug3+140gyrostab; Grenade Lchr
-APDS3+140AP ammo
gauss rifle4+260gyrostab; Grenade Lchr; AP
snub pistol    
-HEAP2*-6/10 AP ammo 
AutoshotgunspspspSame damage as shotgun If autofired, bonus is doubled
laser pistol2-50AP ammo
laser carbine3-50AP ammo
laser rifle4-50AP ammo
PG-126-20AP ammo
PG-137-20AP ammo
PG-148-20AP ammo
FG-149-20AP ammo
FG-1510-20AP ammo
Low Tech Machinegun**3+510 bursts 
High Tech Machinegun**3+520 burstsAP ammo
Rocket Launcher**SpSp4 shotsExplosive (12 dice)
Heavy Machinegun***3+720 bursts 
Autocannon***3+1020 burstsAP ammo
VRF Gauss Gun***4+1220 burstsAP ammo
 *Explosive Ammo **Heavy Weapon ***Crew Served Weapon


Tech Level Damage


Armor Protection Notes
flak jacket2 
combat TL114 
combat TL125 
combat TL136 
battle TL136Doubles wearer’s ST
combat TL147 
battle TL147Triples wearer’s ST

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