Strength-Indefinite Weapons


This is a variant subsystem for TFT intended to address the following perceived problems:

Perceived Problem in RAW TFTSolution in This System
When a character's strength increases due to experience, they have to change weapons. This really makes no sense, historically: Roman legionaries, for instance, each carrying a gladius, must be either all ST 11 or else very inefficiently equipped.Any weapon can be used at any strength and weapon damage depends on the strength of the wielder.
Character attribute and weapon choices are often inconsistent when they shouldn't be. In Dumas' Three Musketeers, for instance, Porthos is described as being very strong and wielding a rapier. In TFT this makes no sense: a strong character would never use a rapier.In this system, high strength is useful with any weapon.
Aside from the pole weapons versus non-pole weapons distinction, weapons are pretty much interchangeable.Different weapons have different armour penetration capabilities and special attacks.
Some pole weapons (especiallty the naginata, to a lesser extent the halberd and pikeaxe) are just better than others.All weapons are roughly equally effective, taking into account their various advantages and disadvantages, according to a formula I made up out of thin air.
Historically almost all weapons were used for defence, but in RAW TFT this is unusual.Many weapons stop hits even when being used offensively in the same turn.

Depending on the weapon list used, the system can be a minor modification to the TFT RAW or a major one. Weapon lists of both kinds are offered below.


An attack will look something like "A vs (B+C)" optionally followed by "xD/3".

To determine whether the attack hits, roll A dice against the attacker's adjusted dexterity.

To apply damage:

  • Roll B dice and add C.
  • Apply protection from armour, weapons, shield, talents, etc.
  • Multiply by D, divide by three and round to the nearest integer.

So if a weapon's damage is "(2-1)x4/3" then roll two dice, subtract 1, subtract defender's protection, multiply by 4/3 and round off to the nearest integer. This means a weapon that has a large damage rating and small multiplier is relatively better against armoured targets, whereas a weapon with a small damage rating and large multiplier is relatively better against unarmoured targets.

Special Attacks

Attacks ending in -0 are used in close combat, those ending in -1 are used against adjacent characters, those ending in -2 are used against targets in the jab zone. The attacker rolls three or more dice, either against ST or DX (see below). The defender rolls the same number of dice against the same attribute. If the attacker succeeds and the defender fails then apply the consequence listed below.

Special AttackAttribute TestedEffect if Attacker Succeeds and Defender Fails
DisarmDefender chooses ST or DXDefender drops a non-shield weapon of the attacker's choice.
HookDefender chooses ST or DXAttacker steps one hex away from defender and may rotate sixty degrees towards old hex, defender steps one hex toward defender's old hex, if defender was mounted then defender falls to the ground, otherwise defender may rotate sixty degrees toward attacker.
PushSTDefender steps one hex away from attacker and may rotate sixty degrees toward old hex, attacker enters defender's old hex and may rotate sixty degrees toward defender.
TripDefender chooses ST or DXDefender falls to the ground.

Fine and Magical Weapons

Interpret +1 damage as +1 ST. So a +2 damage ST 12 halberd would do damage as though it were a normal ST 14 halberd.

Lists of Weapons

  • A Short List of Weapons: A modest list of melee weapons, intended to more or less replace those in RAW TFT, without the funky features like variable attack dice, special attacks, parrying protection from weapons and armour penetration multipliers.
  • A Longer List of Weapons?: An absurdly long list of melee weapons, to allow the most nuanced customisation, with all the silly features anyone could want.
  • A List of Missile Weapons?: A short list of missile weapons.

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