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Hi everyone, I am Rick Smith and I am a professional game designer and teacher. As well as helping on several other projects my major credits include: (At Electronic Arts) being the Designer for Triple Play Baseball on the SEGA Genesis (EA Canada), working on FIFA Soccer for the Genesis and Triple Play for the 3DO. I was the assistant designer for Total Annihilation (Cavedog) and the Producter and Designer for TA: Battle Tactics (Cavedog). I've worked on Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege: Yesterhaven for Gas Powered Games. Finally, I have worked on numerous games at Koolhaus games including Sports Jeopardy for Sony Games, Centipede Origions for Atari, capsized (IOS and Android ports) for Alientrap and Antique Shop.

Currently I am teaching game design and C++ programming at the local school district. I am hoping to start a TFT pbem campaign sometime, and I am thinking of putting my house rules on this website.

Joe Hartley has kindly allowed me this space to put up various TFT rules that I've written. The links above should take you to a variety of TFT essays.

In my essays I will usually explain why I've changed a rule, and give a short introduction to the new rules before I start with the body of the essay. If you have any questions I can be reached at: rick_ww (at) lightspeed (dot) ca