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Re: (TFT) fleshing out monsters/monster pals for sentients


Trainspotting is a sport this group pursues with a great deal of passion.  

But, yeah, you're right.  In fact, when I was a wee lad there was even an 
Aurora plastic model of a Diatryma or some big, dangerous prehistoric 
flightless bird  posed in the process of killing a flying lizard for lunch.  
So I guess I should have known better...  

On the other hand, however, in our own lovely world you can go practically 
anywhere and catch shows that revolve around humans ordering carnivorous cats 
and omnivorous bears to do all manner of idiotic tricks.  Obviously great 
cats don't really feed on humans to any real extent but I think you would 
agree that they are more than willing to do so under the right circumstances. 
 Ditto for Shamu and even baboons (when they're really desperate, I hear).  

Finally, if it please the jury, I believe the process of browbeating beasts 
who would rather eat you into doing your bidding instead is known as 
domestication ;)



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