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(TFT) TFT: Ninja Hero

Alan writes . . .

>I've been meaning to post the rules for more than a year now. Soon,
>soon. Ninja Hero sounds intriguing. How can I take a look at it. And
>yeah, your character WOULD have been big to go around with a tetsubo.
>Was he a samurai or budoka?

   He was a samurai, Buddhist monk, and hatamoto (i.e. bodyguard-advisor) to
our daimyo.  Tanaka Aja had a Strength of 33 and regularly did 12d damage
(about 3+2 in TFT) to opponents with his tetsubo (most of the other samurai
used the standard daisho).  His favorite tactic was to put everything into
OCV, suffer a possible hit from his opponent, then clobber him with a
probable critical hit.
   Ninja Hero was written by Aaron Allston, who also lives here in Austin.
It's a great supplement for anyone who wants to run an oriental and/or
martial arts campaign in any game system.  I suspect GURPS Japan and related
books might be more useful for running a TFT campaign, but I haven't read
them.  Bushido has some good source material as well.

   Rick, that's a nice selection of additional thief talents -- thanks.  8^)
I'll probably go through them, modify them 'til they're unrecognizable (as
usual :) and use them for my own campaigns.
   For a better name for Security Expert, how about (in my order of
preference) Warden, Keeper ("of the gate"), Guardian, or Protector?  Warden
is best by far, especially with the way you descibed the talent.  However I
don't think you can get around using the phrase "security expert" in the
description, nor should you try.
   For a replacement for Criminology I thought of Nomology, but that's not
quite right either.  How about Inquisitor? -- it's the closest medieval
equivalent I can think of.  Besides . . .  "Nobody expects the Sp . . .  Oh

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