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Re: (TFT) Thief Talents -> call for new talents.

These are great Rick!  I do see one contradiction though.

>IQ 9
>KOSHING (0.5) You may strike someone on the head to knock them unconcious...

>...The penalty is -6 DX  for a head shot, but you get +2 DX if your
>target does not know your are there.

>IQ 12
>GARROTING AND BACKSTABBING (2) coreq Silent MA. When you sneak right

>  *BACKSTABBING:	Striking at a vital spot to get a double damage, also you
>are so close that daggers do HTH damage.      Roll to hit is adj thus; +6
>DX for unsuspecting target...

>  *GARROTING: 	Pulling a line or cord around some ones neck to strangle
>them or break their neck (and in high tech worlds to slit their throat with
>a sharp wire filament).  To pull the cord over their neck requires a roll
>to hit with the following adjustments; +6 for an unsuspecting target...

Why is the bonus for your target not knowing your there (presumably also an
unsuspecting target) less for koshing than for garroting and backstabbing?
The two talents should be consistent.



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