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(TFT) TFT: Break Weapon

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>>>>>>>Then you need rules to determine when a weapon-to-weapon parry
>>>>>>>has occurred.  Is there any precedent for this in the rules?

Yes. It's called the Defend action. It's essentially an abstract parry. 

>>>>>>>   Questions for everyone: How much damage does a cesti do in normal
>>>>>>>non-HtH) combat?  Can cesti damage be combined with an Unarmed
Combat damage
>>>>>>>bonus?  I've looked through the rules but all I get is "Answer
Unclear, Try

Yeah, this has always bugged me as well. As far as I can tell, you cant use
a Cesti or even a Dagger outside of HTH combat according to the rules! Are
these weapons "better" in HTH. Can you use a Broadsword in HTH? Does it
then do normal Broadsword damage?

The TFT HTH rules seem to be the weakest part of the combat rules...

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