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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V1 #320

Joel Sira (jodasi@hotmail.com) asks: << when you dont have megahex paper, 
just normal hex paper... how do you count hexes for missile shots? >>

I don't know if this hexs or not but the method I use is to take my first 
three fingers (the old Boy Scout plege sign) and place each one one a hex in 
front of the shooter.I then count off "zero, zero, minus 1, minus 1, minus 2, 
minus2, minus 3, minus 3, etc.," while moving my hand towards the target.  

It works faster for us than counting hexes and dividing, which works.  But I 
see your point.  I've been meaning to work out a reference table... when I 
get around to it!  Shah!

I hope that helps.
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