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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V1 #320

In a message dated 2/18/00 5:05:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Sethkimmel@aol.com writes:


In response to your query:
<< how can I legally model 
 one (Scutum (shield), Pugio, Gladius, Pilum (Javelin), when the rules say 
 can only carry a dagger and two weapons (which includes a shield)? >>

I would answer that despite the absolutely enormous reputations of TFT's 
primary author and some of our more notable list pundits, the little people 
like you and I still know best what kind of rules WE require.  And y'know 
what?  We can do as we damn well please with our copies of this petrified 
20-plus-year-old rules set despite the desperate howling, "you can't do that, 
you can't do that, it's unbalanced because I say so", of all the nay-sayers.  
Let you fighters carry whatever weapons YOU (not all these other idiots you 
aren't even playing with) deem appropriate.  If this gets to be a problem 
then impose encumbrance or raise the co$t of weapons.

IMHO warriors of the ancient world carried the weapons they needed to get the 
job done...and they did so without requesting permission from Steve Jackson, 
Jesus Christ or any of the self-proclaimed authorities that populate this 
list including myself.

The nerve of folks back then...

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