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(TFT) Re: TFT: HTH weapons

	I use the HTH rules!!!

	They are a great equalizer for small races like goblins
and Kobolds.  If you can't get a mass of goblins to pin you 
helpless, while others try to twist you neck or stick daggers in
thru holes in their armor, why, the little guys would get 

	Likewise players when fighting Revelii (the heavies
in my campaign, 50 attribute religious warriors with hundreds
of thousands of $ in magic items) if you can get them down into
HTH they are much more easy to handle.

	I should say I don't use the normal TFT rules for 
HTH tho (is anyone surprised).  If I get time, I'll post my
new ones.


>How many people really use the HTH rules?  It's certainly not my
>chosen method of combat.  Does anyone out there like using HTH

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