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(TFT) DX adjustments for Extra Weapons

In basic Melee you are allowed only 2 weapons and a knife so these rules will never be used, but when on an adventure, people like to carry extra stuff:

A fighter may carry any weapons ready in his hands PLUS 2 normal sized weapons and a poniard OR 1 large weapon and a poniard, without DX penalty. This is called the fighter's normal weapon load. (Note that 3 Daggers = 1 Poniard or 2 Dirks = 1 Poniard.)
If figures wish to carry more daggers, 9 daggers, 6 dirks or 3 poniards, count as a normal sized weapon. A missile weapon includes a quiver with 20 arrows or bolts. Extra quivers may be carried and count as a normal sized weapon.

Large weapons are weapons that are either very massive or awkward in shape. They include:
All pole weapons larger than javelins.
2 handed swords and great swords.
Battle axes.
Heavy Crossbows.
A Large Shield or an Agis Shield.

Each large weapon in excess of the normal weapon load -1 DX
Each normal weapon in excess of the normal weapon load -1/2 DX
Each extra poniard in excess of the normal weapon load -1/6 DX
(Round up so that -1/2 DX will become -1 DX. -2.67 DX becomes -3 DX.)

Two extra normal sized weapons (or an extra, large one) may be carried in an awkward place or under other weapons, with out penalty, but it takes 3 turns (instead of 1) to ready one of these 'awkward' weapons.
The G.M. may make exceptions for well organized equipment. For example, I allow a quiver of 5 javelins to be carried as a single large weapon.

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