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(TFT) Names for talents / Revised Koshing talent.

I liked Dave Seagraves suggestion of 'Warden' for Security Expert
but changed it slightly.  Nothing really gripped me for Criminology / 
Criminologist but Pasha my wife came up with a name based on a 
historical mystery she is reading.

New name for Security Expert ->  Warder 

New name for Criminology  -> Criminal Inquirer or Inquirer (Based
on a translation of the latin name for what detectives did in Rome.)

Based on Matt Fraser's comments I've revised Koshing:

IQ 9
KOSHING (0.5) You may strike someone on the head to knock them unconcious with out perminantly harming them. There is a -6 DX for a head shot and an additional -2 DX to hit the right spot with just the right amount of force.  Figures without this talent may attempt to kosh someone but they are at an additional -4 DX. 
	You must be in your target's side or rear hexes, and strike them with a leather, sand filled tube. This does subdual damage. The total penalty is -8 DX, but you get +6 DX if your target does not know you are there. If you do 5 or more points of damage the victim falls unconcious, and if you do 2 to 4 hits the victim falls unconcious unless they make a 5vsAdjST (subdual damage counts when calculating the AdjST). People knocked unconcious will remain so for 1 to 6 hours. If you roll a 16, there is a 50% chance that it is a normal miss, and a 50%  chance it will do real damage. (Double and triple damages will do *2 or *3 Subual damage NOT real damage.)

	The net result is for some one with the talent it has a +2 DX 
easier modifier to Kosh someone with these revised rules.  However
I'm being fussier about what weapons are used (you are no longer 
allowed to use 'blunt weapons' but must use a tube of sand).  And 
as Matt pointed out, with this version there will be one less DX 
adjustment for GM's to remember since Koshing is now compatible
with Garrotting and Backstabbing.

	Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions.
(I've now got to put these changes into my rules and indexes.)


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