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(TFT) Re: mnoran library

Well met, Patrick.
(We'll do this part through the TFT site so the group will know the librarium is open. Send me your address via my direct site, though.)

The Mnoren Librarium will be closing for the month of March. (I'm out of the country.) Therefore the items you check out now can be shipped back in April.

So unfortunately, you will have to e-mail me with your address via SHADOWHEX@HOTMAIL.COM before Monday Night 28 February or I won't be here to ship it. In fact, I'll even have unsubscribe for that month because the volume that this site puts out makes it difficult to find my other e-mail.

Go ahead and contact the Brainiac TFT site around mid April that you are shipping these back. Let them know how the service was and if the librarium is of any use. [note: usual checkout will be for one week.]

As I stated in previous missages, I am providing a checkout service. How you retain memory of these items is up to you.

Via DHL, I will ship: Advanced Melee
                     Advanced Wizards
                     In the Labyrinth
              and    Fantasy Masters Screen

The booklets are in fairly good condition.

Since this is a very secure shipping, no need to insure. Just pay the shipping there (it'll be written on the outer cover of the package), and pay for similar shipping back.

A wealth upon those who read,

Giovani Paolo
Master Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

Addendum: I only get to this site sporadically. For all those who wonder why there have been no comments from JPB, I have a backlog torment. I love the site and the TFT creativity, but I will have to disappear a little longer.

From: "Patrick Keleher" <patkeleher@hotmail.com>
Subject: mnoran library
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 20:11:39 EST

I've been reading through the tft archives the past few months and have seen your offer to loan tft items. I've been trying to locate copies of In The Labrynth, Advanced Melee, and Advanced Wizard but until I do, for playing purposes, the loan of your copies (I will probably photocopy them for play use before returning.) will be very helpful. I've playing using rules from Ty Beard's site, the boxed Melee, and Dragons of Underearth; which is OK but I'd rather be closer to the original rules.
                              Yours, Pat Keleher

From 30 June 1999:

The Mnoren Libarium is now open. It will circulate copies of The Fantasy Trip items by check out. Please submit your requests and the items will be tracked over this TFT site. Cost is UPS or FED-X type shipping. With all this e-commerce, it will probably be easier to track, etc.

To request a Librarium item, e-mail your request through this TFT site. I will then e-mail your personal site directly to get your mailing address. When you get the items, e-mail the group that you received it. The cost of the insurance and postage will be written on the outside envelope. Write a check for this amount to John Paul Bakshoian. When you're done, package it all up with the check and pay certified postage and insurance. I will note by TFT site that it arrived back and is ready for check-out again.

The check out time is for one week after you receive it.

I don't intend to make money off of it, but I don't intend to spend money on it either. The registered/certified postage and insurance is a hedge against losing anything in the U.S. Mail. The purpose of this library is to handle the legitamate complaints that the some public have never been able to get ahold of these materials.

Does this sound OK to you all?

The Librarium has:

	In The Labyrinth
	Advanced Melee
	Advanced Wizards

Giovani Paolo
Master Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

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