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(TFT) AprilPROOT,cont.

    Everybody's Marianne.  ST:14 DX:14 IQ:6  Talent:Sex appeal.
Although John Lackhands is putative leader of the Prootwaddles in Tights, the group is bound together by their adoration of Marianne. She was rescued from a deserted island (and years of forced celibacy) by a group of pirates, many of whom jumped ship in order to follow Marianne to Tarnisht Forest. Surrounded by all these males, Marianne has been, in her words, "Making up for all that time trapped on that damn island with that gormless Gilligan." (Maynard Gilligan is now a Prootorian Guard, and John Lackhands's nemesis.)
    Mary's Men.
    Roll D6.  1-2:Prootwaddle pirate, 3-6:Prootwaddle in Tights.
Pirates: Skill, roll D6. 1-2:Seamanship, 3-4:Boating, 5-6:Swimming. Weapon, roll D6. 1-4:Club, 5-6:Halibut. (Treat as club, except if the dead fish is exceptionally old it will tend to burst on hitting. Roll 3D6 vs. ST or IQ, whichever is lower; on failure curl up retching at the nauseating stench of rotten fish for D6 turns.) Proots in Tights: Skills and related weaponry, roll D6. 1:Knife, 2-5: Combination (roll D6. 1-2:Bow, 3-4:Pole weapon (Although prootwaddles cannot discern the difference between a halibut and a halberd, for some reason they do know the difference between a pike and a pike. Go figure.), 5:Axe/mace, 6:Sword; with, roll D6, 1-3:Knife (Sword skill does not automatically give Prootwaddles Knife skill.), 4-5:Shield, 6:Crossbow.), 6:Quarterstaff.

    Standish de le Ver.  ST:10 DX:17(15) IQ:5
Clad in greatcoat, glowing cheroot clenched in his toothy grin, Standish is the most recent member of the band. He hails from foreign climes so, on principle, the other prootwaddles insist they cannot understand a word he says. Standish compensates for his lower intelligence by his complete devoted fascination with explosives; beneath his leather greatcoat Standish totes a seemingly limitless assortment of blunderbusses and grenades.
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