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(TFT) GMing disbelief of llusions

Yeah I like the phantasmal idea. I also like the idea of  illusions not
being able to fire. I mean, one way of GMing (FMing?) is that adventurers
generally attack in groups and monsters know this - ergo anybody that
'turns up' half way through a battle is an illusion or summoned, and
therefore warrants a disbelieve (if illusions are common in that part of
cidri), though to be fair a GM should also have it that they'll try to
'disbelieve' summoned monsters (failing of course). The only way to avoid
this is to cast an illusion before engageing (if the enemy are caught by
surprise) so that the enemy don't realise the extra troop came from
'somewhere else'.
This is the lesser of 2 evils for the GM: summoned monsters may get a free
attack but illusions may be disbelieved.

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