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Re: (TFT) Interplay 5 - summoning overhaul

	I like the current system but I've made two changes
to summoning spells.  First Demons and powerful beingings
that have a life outside of this brief visit to our world are
'invoked' not summoned.  Second I allow better versions
of the current spells to exist in the same memory point for 
people with high enough IQ (so I have Summon Wolf, 
Summon Dire Wolf and Summon Warg).

	The main reason is this allows the people who 
make spells to precicely ballance the fST cost, IQ
prequisites, maintanence costs, etc. for the power of 
each summoning.

Aw, sittin' on the fence, hey? (No, seriously I do like the idea.)
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