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Re: (TFT) Interplay 5 - summoning overhaul

Cas Liber,

I think my old TFT DM must have had that Interplay. I remember he had a subscribtion. There was quite a bit of Mythology built up about summoning spells already. He had introduced a separate set of summonings for each cultural border to his campaign. Summon snake, mongol warrior, bull, elephant, small roc, large roc, and others of that sort. I can't remember them all. He also had many theories on the conection between summonings and illusions. How could summoining bring a myrmidon with a sword but an illusion couldn't be made of separate parts. Could one make an illusion of an archer who aimed but never loosed? If maintain illusion existed as a magic item, why didn't maintain summoning? More to the point you brought up Cas... Once he allowed a bizarre illusion to be used and not disbeleived. He started out with a simple 1d6 system for NPC disbeleif. They would attempt to disbeleive a wolf on a one on the dice. A myrmidon on a two or less. A seven hex dragon was always worth one attempted disbeleif. Eventualy wizards in his city would gain reputations for having a REAL giant or bear spell. After a PC established a reputation they almost never had to cast the real spell again. Everyone always assumed it was true. After all, it had been proven true before. Then one day one of the players didn't show up for a session where he was needed badly. His character was the polearm weilding gargoyle. Flying in from above. Gravity and momentum on your side. A hundred and fifty kilograms of old fashioned, rock feed, gargolyle. He would stay at two hex jab distance if the victim had no ranged weapons. All that and natural armour to boot. Anyway, one of the players created an illusion of the famous gargoyle around the corner, in an alley. Then he had the gargoyle run out of the alley, take to the air, and join in the fight. The DM ruled that the NPC's would have no reason to disbelieve. We were all fine with that! But, one nagging question never went away. Summoned demons have no armor, but real ones do. Does an illusion get armour if it is an illusion of a famous gargoyle. After all, even real gargoyles have natural armor. As a player I am still lobbying to get this passed. Hehe. Then for rights to summon famous gargoyles from shadow hexes...

    David Michael Grouchy II

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