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(TFT) Re: Illusions

	Illusions in basic wizard were very nice, they
were nicely ballanced.

	However in ITL, Illusions started getting out 
of hand because there were very powerful 1 hex 
creatures that were too cheap for the Illusion spell.

	What I did is said that Illusions were like the
ones in the basic game.  They could only be made of 
basic creations or magical obsticals.

	Illusions like those in ITL that could be 
made of anything I split into a new spell called
Phantasmals.  Phatasmals of a give hex size are 3 IQ
higher than an Illusion of that size and cost 1 fST
more.  They can be of anything at all but if a phantasmal
is disbelived not only does it vanish, but all damage that
it has done is disbelived as well.  (However if someone
is 'killed' by a phantasmal they do not die, but falls
deeply unconscious and don't wake up if the 
phantasmal is later disbelived.)  If a phantasmal is
created that is simply impossible (as decided by the GM
considering the situation) the GM may allow other 
characters an 'automatic disbelive' which does not
take an action.  

	These rules worked really well in my


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