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Re: (TFT) Interplay 5 - summoning overhaul

Cas writes:

>I got Interplay 5 and there was an article about overhauling the Summoning
>System so that there were a series of spells similar to the AD&D Monster
>Summoning I-VII series, so that you could get all kinds critters (and you
>don't automatically disbelieve anything 'summoned' that isn't a gargoyle,
>wolf, giant etc.)
>So lets have a vote for our rules - do people prefer the 'specific'
>summoning spells or the more 'general (A la AD&D) summonig spells?

Mmmmmm ... Im not sure where I stand on this one, I can see benefits
to both systems.  The main problem we would have with TFT is deciding
on what category (I-VIII) each monster would be placed in.

Of course, the main benefit with Monster Summoning is that with a 
Monster Summoning spell, you can save IQ slots for other spells
whereas under the current TFT system a wizard would have expend an
IQ point for each type of creature they wished to be able to 

In the arena, this probably didnt matter that much - Im sure noone
ever created an illusion of an animal they didnt have the IQ to
summon.  (otherwise, their opponent would know it was an illusion.)
In an RPG though, there are probably many instances for wanting to
summon a creature ... one might want to summon a ferret to scout
out a tunnel, for example.

So what am I saying here?  I guess Im saying that the current TFT
system serves to limit a wizard's power, whereas the Monster Summoning
option would increase the flexibility of a wizard and thusly increase
their power.


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