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(TFT) Reply to Cas - summoning or illusion that is the question

> Dear all,
> I got Interplay 5 and there was an article about overhauling the Summoning
> System so that there were a series of spells similar to the AD&D Monster
> Summoning I-VII series, so that you could get all kinds critters (and you
> don't automatically disbelieve anything 'summoned' that isn't a gargoyle,
> wolf, giant etc.)
> So lets have a vote for our rules - do people prefer the 'specific'
> summoning spells or the more 'general (A la AD&D) summonig spells?
> Cas


I started the jag on voting on rules but the jag was only an open thought on
my part.  I feel as many do, use what rules you and your PCs like  Make sure
they (the PCs) like them otherwise I can tell you the experience a friend of
mine had with house rules HE created for Statis-Pro Baseball OH! those many
long years ago.  He kept adding rules without the rest of the leagues
consent (he was the commissioner and the guy who started the league of 14
members).  The first rules we didn't argue about as these he placed before
we started and they were OK but as time went on, he added and added.  By the
end of year three, his additional rules and hard-headedness, ended the

What's this have to do with rules voting?  Let me answer a question with a
question.  How many of you created house rules even when Metagaming was a
viable entity?  Examining the list I could say at least 90% of you all.

As far as the Interplay summoning goes, it's fine.  My group used it but
preferred illusions as they were cheaper.

That's the problem with illusions.  In certain ways they unbalance the game.
Summon Mymidon IQ 10 cost 2 ST + 1 per turn or Illusion IQ 11 costs 2 ST for
12 turns????   Which do you choose?  Perhaps a remedy is an automatic 4DvsIQ
once an illusion is created on the average of the enemies IQ.  I think we
got on this illusion jag before and I threw out some other remedy that I
can't remember right now.

Yours in Cidri,

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