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(TFT) TFT: Summoning Poll

Rick writes . . .

>I like the current system but I've made two
>changes to summoning spells.  First Demons
>and powerful beingings that have a life outside
>of this brief visit to our world are 'invoked'
>not summoned.  Second I allow better versions
>of the current spells to exist in the same
>memory point for people with high enough IQ
>(so I have Summon Wolf, Summon Dire Wolf and
>Summon Warg).

   I like both ideas here, especially the rule about summoning lesser
versions of the same spell.  If you have Summon Dragon then you ought to be
able to summon a small dragon as well.
   I /don't/ like the different monster summoning spells because they hurt
my suspension of disbelief a bit too much.  I prefer the separate ones.

Dave Seagraves
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