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RE: (TFT) TFT: Summoning Poll

>   I like both ideas here, especially the rule about summoning lesser
>versions of the same spell.  If you have Summon Dragon then you ought to be
>able to summon a small dragon as well.
>   I /don't/ like the different monster summoning spells because they hurt
>my suspension of disbelief a bit too much.  I prefer the separate ones.

>Dave Seagraves

  My players will probably agree that I am jerk when it comes to restricting
abilities, but I see spells in Melee to be very specific acts. It takes a
lot of concentration and work to set up certain states and waves within the
casters mind so that the universe can be manipulated into a form. I have
always felt that spells in my game are each a unique skill. Knowing how to
create a large dragon does not allow you to create a small one. Much of the
casters efforts are spent in truely understanding the creature to be created
(its organs, its brain, the way blood courses through this particular type
of creature) and much work is put into learning to control the creature once
it is created. 

  I allow variations but in a more role-playing way. If a player wanted to
create a small dragon, or a blue one for instance. I would expect them to
study and to practice the spell. I would require them to spend their spare
time for a month or two (more or less depending on access to books etc.) in
game time. It would also be good if the players could gather mundane info on
the creatures to be summoned. Through disection and observation the mage
would understand the animal or creature. Eventually they could have a
variation on the typical spell. This new spell would be uniquely theirs.
Mages may spend years trying to outdo others in originality. This situation
has not occured in game yet so I do not have rules for this yet. I think I
would charge a small amount of XP for adding this vatiant. This would
represent some of the time spent on it.

This could also be done for things like dire wolves and such. If the variant
is within the same genus (I think that is the word I want), no additional IQ
slot would be needed. Perhaps a Myrmidion with an axe instead of a sword or
such. Again I apologize for having no real rules created yet. 

Maybe a very high IQ level spell could contain a whole group of creatures.
You could have a high IQ summon cat spell that could bring anything from
house cat to sabertooth. I would have this at least level 16-18 and probably
take two slots. This signifies the mages true understanding of genus. In a
well role-played game the mage would probably acquire skills such as mundane
healing of this creature which comes from understanding it so well.

I hope this does not seem to picky.

Justin Sandock.   
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