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RE: (TFT) TFT: Summoning Poll

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Justin Sandock wrote:

>   My players will probably agree that I am jerk when it comes 
> to restricting abilities, but I see spells in Melee to be very 
> specific acts. It takes a lot of concentration and work to set 
> up certain states and waves within the casters mind so that 
> the universe can be manipulated into a form.

Well, not to nitpick - but Melee doesnt have spells, Wizard
does.  :D  

Summoned creatures are pulled from another plane of existence, 
the ST that a wizard expends in casting creates a rift and 
pulls the animal through, the energy expended for maintenance
goes to keep the creature on this plane of existence. (I think
the Wizard rulebook states this.)  Interesting idea for failur
here - the creature comes through but turns on the caster!
Mmmmmm......but I digress.

On the other hand, what Justin says above would seem to apply
more to illusions.  The caster must have an intimate knowledge
of the illusory item in order to create a believeable figure.

I guess what Im starting to argue for is allowing a Summoning
spell of the various levels, but that each illusion (at least
of animate objects, lets not go overboard here) MUST be a 
different spell.

The cost and maintenance of the Summoning spell would be related 
in some way to the size and IQ of the creature being summoned 
(not necessarily to its damage potential) and perhaps it's
"distance" from "prime material" plane.  What I'm driving at
here is that it should be harder to summon an IQ 10 demon than
an IQ 10 myrmidon, even though both are approximately the same
size and IQ.

The cost of an animated illusion would be in some way related
to the physical size of the illusion as it is now, but an 
illusionary gargoyle and a illusionary bear should be two 
separate spells.

Should it require two spell slots to hold say, Reptile Man 
with PikeAxe  and Reptile Man with Halberd?  Naw - this is
probably going overboard. 

Dan Tulloh

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