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(TFT) Unarmed Combat Question

According to TFT:ITL p. 16, if a character has Unarmed Combat V:

"..An attacker must roll FOUR dice to hit this figure in normal combat - 
SIX if he his dodging, SEVEN if he is defending."

Does this mean that EVERY attack made against such a character is rolled 
with four dice (or more) rather than the usual three?  Does this include 
magical attacks?  (This seems to be a VERY POWERFUL Talent, by the way!)

Furthermore, how does this affect rolls of 17 & 18?  It would seem odd to 
me that there would be a greater likelihood of a weapon breaking or 
dropping (at least a missile weapon breaking) if shooting at a figure 
merely because he has Unarmed Combat V.  (Maybe it makes sense for a melee 
weapon to be subject to higher breakage, but I can't see why a bow would 
more likely break or be dropped.)

Perhaps four (or more) dice should be used to determine to hit or miss, but 
one (or more) dice would be subtracted to determine dropping or breaking a 
weapon.  Maybe use a die of a different color, designating this to be the 
"extra difficult" to-hit die, and ignoring it for dropping/breaking weapon 
but counting it against to hit?

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding this talent, and I'd appreciate any 
clarifications you all could offer.  Thanks!  :)

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