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(TFT) The Grail has been found!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Sir Trevor of Cumbria, Knight of the Round Table, has brought unto Camelot
on this day the One True Grail!

Slew did he many foes, including a fearsome Dragon and a Giant - this
last with but one attack from his party!  Four months was spent on his
Quest, travelling the length and breadth of Arthur's Kingdom.  Gaineth
he a Squire and a Wizard along the way, these stalwart minions did risk
life and limb to support their Master on his Quest.

Let it be known that all should now hail Sir Trevor and congratulate
him on his achievements!  Salutations may be addressed to one Brett Slocum,
who acts as Trevor's agent in the lands outside of Cidri.

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