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(TFT) IQ Limits

I agree that using this one ability to buy spells/talents would unbalance the many IQ rolls required in ITL. I believe someone suggested something called SP (skill points). This new attribute would only be using for buying talents, etc.. leaving the orignal IQ attribute at it's original level.

1) People do get smarter, it is valid for the IQ attribute to increase as does ST and DX over time.

2) But I do like the idea of using another attribute to buy talents/spells.

My suggestion... Do to IQ what we do to ST and DX. Let's come up with an AdjIQ attribute. For beginning characters your ADjIQ is the same as your base (IQ).

Over time as you gain experience points, you may buy talents/spells paying the cost per normal game rules. However, when you buy something, your AdjIQ goes up, appropiately. So, for example, your AdjIQ should equal the total cost of all your talents/spells, just as IQ did under ITL. But any IQ rolls are made against the base IQ. The AdjIQ is never used for die rolls or any other game functions, except to keep track of what you have spent for talents/skills.

Now the tricky part, under the orig game rules when you brought a talent/spell, you not only got that ability, but your IQ was increased as well..

My suggestion is that when buying a talent/spell and increasing his/her AdjDX, that they also get an opportunity to increase base IQ as well.

For Fighters this is a 4 die/(20 - Base IQ).

So Joe has an IQ of 10. He buys running (cost 2) that increases his AdjIQ to 12. Now he rolls to see if he got smarter. 20 - 10 = 10. He must 10 or less on 4D6. As his IQ gets higher, it gets more difficult to become smarter. If he did roll 10 or less, his Base IQ would go to 11, but his AdjIQ would still be 12.

For Wizards (IQ is much more important to them) it is a 3 die roll rather than 4. Also their Base IQ determine what spell level they may choose from.

I suspect Fighters would hit a base IQ of 8-14, Wizards 8-16.

I'm sure that there is a lot of holes here, so please fire away..


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