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(TFT) Re: Master of the Amulets

Master or the Amulets???
	Uhg!  After it came out I stopped buying every TFT 
product Metagaming produced.  I thought MotA was the worst


>Jim Bo wrote:
> > Since ITL began as a solitaire game (death test, etc)... does anyone run 
> > solitaire games? Or have rules to do so (ala Warhammer Quest)?
>So far the best solitaire game for TFT is the Masters of the Amulets
>Microquest.  The randomness of the amulet distribution makes it a
>bit more interesting than hacking and slashing one's way throught Death Test!
>I have instructions on how to play randomly with the Cyberboard gamebox
>of MotA which can be downloaded from the website at 

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