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Re: (TFT) Just checking...

Let's try this then, some more house rules for character creation and development.

In this system characters start off with 32pts, then the progression goes like this:
1-4:  125pts
5-8:  250pts
9-12: 500pts


Characters start with three skills of there choosing.  Thinking about
allowing an extra skill to start off with for every point of IQ above

Additional skills must be purchased with experience points.  200pts
for a basic skill. More for advanced skills (Expert Swordsman, etc..)

As a GM I've gone over the available skills and made a judgement as to how much they would cost and what training would be necessary, etc

For instance sword skill would cost 200 pts, with little or no training. Expert sword skill cost 400pts, and requires a period of some type of training. Master sword skill would cost 800pts and requires a period of training with a Master Swordsman.

I've used different rules for UC which in the interest of brevity I won't go into now.

Part of the reason for the new system is to give players something to spend there points on besides attributes. I've been using the rules for a short time only, we'll see how they play out...

Standing ny for potshots... :)

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It's been pretty quiet lately!

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