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RE: (TFT) Just checking...

From: Justin Sandock <jsandock@numa-inc.com>
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Subject: RE: (TFT) Just checking...
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 08:45:43 -0400

I like the idea of a more 'skill based' game, but..

1.	Do the skills you buy with xp take up IQ slots?
2.	Do you have a list of talents/skills for us to look at?

Requiring training fleshes out a game. I like it.

1. Yes. I'm considering allowing multiple IQ slots for high IQ progression. For instance, going from IQ 12-13 would give two slots
versus one.

2. Not presently, you probably already have an idea of skills in your campaign. Take those skills and ask yourself are they basic or more advanced ?

I'm trying to walk a line between a "skills based" game and not going overbored like I feel GURPS went overboard. I'm not basing a skill level on the attribute. I don't want players to have a good IQ and then through a 1/2pt into twenty different IQ skills so they are diplomat and a accountant and a doctor and a......

Concerning UC: UC I is 200pts, UC II is 300pts, UC III is 400pts, etc.. All UC skills requires training from someone who is familiar with UC.

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